OrcaTorch D611 REVIEW

Hi friends,
yet another review for an OrcaTorch canister light, this time the D611. Which is already available on the market.

It runs a double 26650 battery set-up canister and 2400lumens are outputed by the Cree Xhp70, the switch is located next to the canister cable connection and is magnetic.
They sticked to their old and proven concept goodman handle which I love for its reduced weight, yet only re-adjustable with tools. All together If you compare it with the D620 this d611 is also the lighter head.

“What a nice looking head”
“it`s actually smaller than expected from pictures”… those where my first thoughts about this light when I got it in my own hands, If you compare the size of a similar output 3 xml light head this XHP70 powered is a much more dynamic and smaller option.
the reflector has a multi-mirror coating which prodides a great spot, but not too focus for my likes, just as seen on the D620, it is well crafted and finished, click here to see the underwater operation and beam (youtube link)
In terms of Runtime you can actually expect a very good performance on this light, with my 5500mAh 26650 soshines I got about 3 hours or slightly more before it dimmed down, and then it STAYED ON for another 12 hours when I then switched it off. This was a very low output, but in a real emergency I`d rather have that amount of light than none, to see the exact runtime performance and light output fade click here! (youtube link)

The battery holding canister has a design wich is simple yet elegant, standard 3-oring protection and a nice hard-annodized finish on all aluminum body.
It is similar to the discontinued d600/610 series although some modifications have been made, the biggest one I would say is the effort in providing an even more reliable connection inbetween the 2 body parts, as you can see the inbuilt gold ring is designed to connect directlly to the drivers gold plated contacts, providing the best conection possible. The positive pole spring is also gold-plated and offers a high-quality feeling to it.
If you are unsure which way to place the batteries just take a look inside the canister under the gold ring. Or ensure the positive pole is facing towards the driver.

Like on the D620 the cable provided is very high quality and in my personal opinion the best canister cable I ever dived, robust yet flexible and whith a nice matte finish. The waterproof M12 connectors although beeing out of plastic are very robust and do their job very well. Let`s be honnest, although the metal ones may seem better(and are), I have never seen a single one of the plastic broken or damaged… so yeah, I gess… why not?

The standard set apart from the light also includes a 2-slot charger and 2 protected 26650 4000mAh batteries from OrcaTorch, as well as the goodman handle and screws/nuts needed to install it, futhermore there is the user manual seen below and a Warranty Card!, the whole set comes packed in a custom fit transport case, for safe transport and storage of all components.

So in conclusion I don`t like this light less than the D620, but it is a different kind of set-up and I believe depending on the application each one has it`s pros and cons, and you need to see which one suites you better. If you want the lighter yet less practical for tec light go with the D611, thats for sure, it is also the less expensive one, although they are very similar when it comes to pricing.
D620 review: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/43040

Diving and review see here:
Runtime test see here:

I apreciate your time and hope this was helpfull
Wishing you always good and safe adventures

NOTE: this is neither an comercial nore an payed endorsement of the related company, You read my real personal opinion about the item in question.

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