Ordered my first ZebraLight


Looking forward to seeing how it compares to the Astroluxes and Convoys of the world.

Congrats! I bet it won’t be your last. :partying_face:

I have a couple handfuls of ZebraLights, including the SC700d. It’s too big as an EDC for me, but it’s awesome paired with a headlamp for night hiking.

BTW, I use a Samsung 50E 21700 with mine. I have a wrap of masking tape around each end to snug up the fit just a tad.

I see that it’s currently in stock on their site, so you’ll probably have it in a couple of days. Be sure to report back with your thoughts when it arrives!

You went with the big one huh?

I hope you like it

Congrats! I just purchased the headlamp H600Fc, the SC64c with 219b sw35 and another with sw45 (Bob_McBob mod). Look into my setup. =]

Host, driver, LED, UI… all premium and optimized in harmony.
(… but UI mater of taste…)

I could not resist the exceptional write-ups.

Well said!

Interesting light. No tail spring. Strange but nice interface. Exceptional built quality. I would like it better if it was half the price. Overall happy with it.

Yea, Zoulas - please do report back! This is the one I've had my eye on. Also wondering if it comes with a pocket clip ? What tint did you go with? That's they xhp70.2 correct ?

Yes on the pocket clip, 5000K

xhp70.2 , yes

I got none. Wanted to get it a few times during ZL end of year clearance sales but their popular models are always sold out.

Same here I don't have one and every time I think of buying one the ones I want are sold out.

I have been revisiting some of my past lights. Mostly CR123 and AA lights. I haven’t owned a Zebralight since the SC52. The latest version seams interesting.

Iirc the clip is a beast to put on.otget than that I use my daily at work.

I do like the light, I see what people are saying now. The price is a bit too high ($120.) Should be closer to $75 IMHO.

Yep, and me. Love the Zebs, SC500w lost and replaced, SC600 lost and replaced with the excellent Mk4. I only lose them because I use them, but the UI, particularly after getting used to the easy Anduril ramping isn’t ideal.

To be honest, if I wasn’t such a hopeless flashaholic and stuck with the one brand I’d just be slapping zoulos on the back and congratulating him on a great choice. :beer: :sunglasses: :beer:

I have the SC700d and it’s the most efficient compact light I have. You can program it to get as hot as you like and the PID regulation is seamless. Anodizing is one of the best I’ve seen on par with surefire HAIII, dropped it on hard concrete and not even a nick. Not to be confused with chinese HA III which every other flashlight seem to have these days, even spray painted ones.

It doesn’t have any of the fancy features like usb charging or ramping, but once you give it some real use you’ll realize they aren’t really necessary. I carry a spare samsung 50E and never needed to swap the battery mid use. If you can get over the green tint it can become your favorite light.

I do like it, except I think it’s more of a $75 light not a $120 light.

i think ramping would be nice to have as an option, but i prefer ZL UI for everyday use because it forces me to use premeditated, known output levels. i get a lot of runtime, and it's relatively predictable.