Where can I buy this? Oslon Boost HL

I’m a store and wanting to offer a few custom built C8’s

Which driver is best suited?


Is this the same


Almost, it is the same die in a smaller 3030 package, the boost hl is a 4040 package and handles a little more current and output.

Green emitter seems nice for faking an alien invasion

Some days ago I showed that I modded an Eagle X3R here, with a Osram White Flat (W1) led!

Now, here are some photos of the beam!
It reaches 400m without problems, even if the centering is not 100% perfect! :wink:

This is a very nice host for these throwy Leds, despite all !






Comparison with:
Convoy S2+ (XP-L HI, SMO) >>>> X3R (Osram W1, SMO) >>>> FW1A (XP-L HI, OP)

What are the internal reflector dimensions of the x3r? Awesome beamshots btw!

Thanks :wink: It was a good and “clear” night to take them, so it helped :wink:

About the reflector:
bottom hole - 7mm
top hole - ~25mm (approximately, I didn’t take it out again because as the reflector and bezel are screwed together, the Led would get de-focused again)
height - ~25mm as well (measured from the outside based on the level of the shelf and the top, below the thick lens and thick o-ring).

The bigger inconvenient of this light is the bezel and reflector screwing together, as it leads to some move on the gasket and MCPCB.

Despite this…it throws pretty well, more than the previous configuration on a Convoy S2 w/ SMO reflector :wink:

Thanks for taking those measurements. You should be seeing around 100kcd then, give or take. I’m curious as I’m about to put an WF1 in a Convoy M2. These two seem to be virtually the same in reflector dimensions. Crazy how well these Osrams throw! I have one in a Jacob A60, and see around 240kcd. That’s a heck of a range for something so lightweight and cool-running.

Can someone tell me why mtnelectronics W1 rate it at at 4A max?.

I’ve ordered 3 hosts (C8+, M21C, L21A) to build hunting lights to sell and need advice to make them properly.

I see on here the max is 5A for the W1, please confirm.

I’m currently using Convoy’s 17mm Temp Driver rated at 5A but measured at 4.3A (ideal for the C8+). I purchased the led’s at kaidomain, I’m guessing these are the same? I’m just confirming the max safe current as the lights will be for sale and I’ll be giving a 2 year warranty.

I get 750 lumens with 850m throw with the C8+, that’s impressive.

These will be the furthest throwing lights in NZ for the price, I should get some good sales from hunters.

I’m also interested in another driver that’s better optimized for the white flat in terms of mode spacing. The Convoy driver I’m currently using has a High of 1A and Turbo 4.3A, that’s quite a jump. I’d prefer another level in between.

Any advice is appreciated

For a show-off light I’m happy to drive a led at the current that gives the maximum output, but for a user-light I play it a bit safer, I go for the current that gives me 80% or for a thrower 90% in my led test. Not only because that probably improves the lifetime, but also because I expect the heat path in a flashlight to be a bit worse than on my fan-cooled copper chunk. The W1 rewards that a bit with a better tint too.
At 4A the W1 in my led test was at 96.6% of its maximum output, 5A gives marginally more output at ideal circumstances, but I expect some costs over time.

The 3amp biscotti driver in a c8+ already gives nice power to w1. Led/host gets pretty hot allready with a full cell. I personaly wouldnt go higher than that with a flat white in A smaller host. L2 can handle more heat. Atleast if you sell them make sure they know it gets hot.

4-4.5A is a good current
not many LEDs will handle 5A in a flashlight, they mostly tint shift and may turn blue after a while

Okay, I’ll leave as is at 4.3A.

I really appreciate the replies,thank you

I told Simon that there’s interest in the option to use OSRAM CSLNM1.TG 1mm and he’s ordering some to test. It would be a great addition

And tell him to finally make some nice old style zoomie flashlight as addition to his reflector lights. He is long time into this business and he never offered zoomie light…

I tried to convince Hank to make aspheric head for Noctigon K1 which is a perfect candidate IMO but no luck. Maybe other people should bring it up :slight_smile:

For those of us who played with them, aspherics can be a major (or minor) PITA. In the past, BLFers offered aspheric lenses for the HD2010, and P60 lights. I bought both, of course, and did get them assembled but both were a PITA, and somewhat disappointing in results - not as throwy as we thought.

Dunno for sure why they are looked down upon, could be the poor quality of parts available for decent prices, or the complexity to get something working well and reliably. For sliders, PITA with the water resistance vs. the air pressure problems, the slide or twist mechanics - just a bunch of nasty issues.

Both Simon and Hank are into quality/reliability, so zoomies might not be a good option for them.

For me I was only suggesting a fixed aspheric but you make good points for zoomies

Then you have your decent zoomies like the B158. I think this LED would be great in a B158. I have one of 2mm2 in a Cometa it performs good.