:sunglasses: I think you disappointed Osram KR CSLNM1.23 Red with that.

You got to know that dtp board boost performance in some case for more than 100%

Cheers :beer:

I might have to get some of Convoy’s 3030 boards and give reflowing a go now that I have the correct solder paste.

Ok. Put as thinner layer of solder paste as you can.

Thanks for the tip

While reflowing tap the emitter with a cotton bud Funtastic, this removes excess solder.

I’ve done it before, but this certainly sounds better than my finger.

I’m guessing they’re not DTP, how do I tell between them?

A DTP MCPCB, also or better known as thermoelectric separation bla bla bla at the other side, is expected to show electrical conductivity between the thermal pad and the back of the board.

Is there no way to tell by looking?

Yes there is if you know what to look for. I'll use a few examples:

The left board type I bought once, it is not DTP and can be seen in the substrate. The thermal pad seems like a track which is floating over a dielectric layer, pretty much like both anode and cathode tracks. The right board stinks too, imho.

The above are DTP or thermoelectric separated boards (bought and have both). Notice the outlines around the thermal pads, they're sort of window shaped, profiled strictly around the thermal pad and the contact points. Being DTP it does not need to be any bigger since it is not a track whose surface matters like in the previous examples, i.e. it is the whole board core.

Source: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32727123202.html

I bought fairly priced ∅20mm copper DTP boards once from here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32894842920.html

Taking a look,

the window around the thermal pad can be spotted.

Much appreciated.

Just as I thought when I compared to KD’s mcpcb. Confirms that mine aren’t dtp for the Osram red, I’ll reflow one to the KD board. It’ll be great if I can drive them harder.

They’re currently on 3535 so using 3030 may improve too

I was going to buy Convoy’s newly added 3030 boards but can’t tell by photo if really dtp?

I really doubt Simon has any interest in run-of-the-mill boards. Had to look: 20mm DTP copper board for 3030 LED / for osram KW...

Pretty explicit.

What he said, This method is excellent.

The led4power dtps are nice quality! a good flat fit to the host with some grizzly kryonaut and you’re pretty well sorted.

The boost version of the 2mm? is available here but needs reflowing to DTP

I ordered from here last week but until they arrive I will remain skeptical

We have waited two years for this LED to finally become available! Supposedly the ultimate thrower LED.

Interestingly, the SBT-90.2 which became available in the meantime is a better fit for many larger lights.

:partying_face: I hope it will not be to hungry…

That “HX” from AE (YinDing) seems off. What’s with the exposed gray portion next to the die? Also, their other white flat listings have unusual markings on the surrounding white areas of the package.

I’m using their red flats and they’re legit

I would guess preliminary version of LED (is why it looks different)