I got here 2 flashlights with supposedly Osram NM1 LEDs

Both have some letter markings on top of the LED, but one of them also has a grey bar on the side (while the other does not).
Is there any difference?

Why do you think they call it LED lottery? You are supposed to scratch it off and see if you win!


no idea

As contactr mentioned earlier. I’m presuming this is a pre-production or engineering sample type marking…

Another 2 flashlights with Osram, one has the gray bar, the other doesn’t.

Any specs?
The right one seems to be the CULPM1;which is the higher current version of CSLPM1.TG. There aren’t too many manufacturers around which use them

They look the same size to me. isn’t the CULPM1 the 2mm version?

Both flashlights are the same model: Manta Ray S21 with Osram NM1 LED (supposedly) - one has a gray bar, the other does not. The Manta Ray S21 uses a 2.8Amp (7135x8) driver, but the UI is sort of different (it seems to be related in terms of configuration as the Convoy C8+ SST40 ‘ramping’ driver version).

In my other set of Osram NM1 photos, one is a Wainlight C8S-G with Osram NM1 LED (no gray bar), the other is a Boruit C8 with Osram NM1 LED (but has a gray bar). The Boruit C8 and the Wainlight C8S-G look very similar (they use the same flashlight host as the Convoy C8+, but place an Osram NM1 LED and both seem to use a driver that is similar to Convoy’s 5/3-mode group driver (also 7135x8 or 2.8Amps).

you’re correct

i was thinking about this one

Wow that’s a good find! You can even buy this soldered onto various size boards down to 11.8mm for use in AAA sized lights!

CULPM1 also has a 4x4mm pad IIRC (vs 3x3mm on the CS models), isn’t that why it has higher thermal resistance?

Yes, but not on 3030, he uses 3535 and the copper boards aren’t dtp

BurningPlayd0h, according to my wisdom a bigger footprint equals lower thermal resistance; or it should.

Kaidomain has both 3030 and 4040 DTP boards for sale, check here:


In the absence of led4power (hope they're back sometime), some way or the other we now have access to all 4 White Flats. The thread should now be renamed to

OSRAM CSLNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG 2mm², CULNM1.TG 1mm², CULPM1.TG 2mm²

or maybe to


Hope Mr luminarium iaculator notices. Is someone going to test the Boost HX? The 2mm² WF is more surface to power constrained, this means the Boost HX should obtain a higher gain than the HL. Sent a PM to djozz…

I did seen and changed… :+1:
I still can’t remember those Osram emitters… It is to complicated to me. Letter and number dizziness :weary:

First post of this thread requires re-editing with all relevant data. Thread is hard to follow and maybe it is better to read it backward > forward direction.

Can someone please check my below list for white, red, blue, and green to see if it’s correct or missing any

Trying to tell Simon what I need

This is the reply I received from Simon when I asked for confirmation that he had CSLPM1.TG, not CSLNM1.TG

I’m really not a fan of the way Osram has assigned their part numbers

List I have

White - KW CSLNM1.TG - 3030 (1mm²)
White - KW CSLPM1.TG - 3030 (2mm²)

White - KW CULNM1.TG - 4040 (1mm²)
White - KW CULPM1.TG - 4040 (2mm²)

Red - KR CSLNM1.23 - 3030 (1mm²)

Blue - KB CSLNM1.14 - 3030 (1mm²)

Green - KP CSLNM1.F1 - 3030 (1mm²)
Green - KP CSLPM1.F1 - 3030 (2mm²)

I just want to send this to Simon

3030 variants

4040 boost variants

By the way, djozz told me he'll be reviewing the Boost HX for sale @ Shenzhen silver ingot Technology Co., Ltd.

We'll see. djozz told me he received a Boost HX sample way back from Hank, and it performed even worse than the 5P bin CSLPM1.TG he reviewed from Neven (led4power) back then (1480 versus 1530 djozz lumen), despite reaching a higher maximum current at 9A as expected. This means that CULPM1.TG probably was some ugly duckling pre-production sample or God knows what.

Hope those CULPM1.TG emitters are some decent bin, 5P minimum.

One question, how to tell which way I reflow these leds for their polarity? Twice now I’ve got it wrong.

Reply from Simon

Just thought I’d share in case anyone wants some Red or Green from Convoy since it’s not listed on the store

I hope this could help.