Appreciate the help.

I thought I did follow the diagram with the indent but must have rotated it last minute

Cree also uses an indent in the thermal pad often, facing to the anode.

In the case of these Osram emitters, their thermal pad indent faces to the cathode.

This is the reason of your problem, I'd say. I've reflown many types and brands of emitters, and this is what happens with presumptions.

Lol you are absolutely correct!

“Something, something bigger number better” was basically my thought process :person_facepalming:

I hope, if he is going to stock the CULPM1.TG (“Boost HX”), that he will also start stocking 4040-footprint centering rings. Would be awesome for my Luxeon V emitters…

1mm2 underwater test :slight_smile:
Compared with XM-L2 and later with XHP35HI (70mm reflector)

That is something new :slight_smile:

I am not diving and I think you are very brave. Hope that some manufacturers will have zoom underwater light cause it would be far better than reflector based lights for diving. On video when you have to inspect something up close on 1-2meters from your diving mask beam of reflector light is just to intense. Wide flood mode of zoomie light would be perfect for such situations…

Zooming in a waterproof dive light would be… difficult at best.

Having a removable diffuser cap tethered to the light is a far simpler solution:

Anyone know how hard the green boost version can be pushed? I can’t find a thread on it

Is this dtp or not? This is what’s sent from the AliExpress store above

Most likely if you see those distinct traces for pos and neg on top and its copper.

To verify take multimeter and check continuity between middle thermal pad and bottom of PCB

From Shenzhen silver ingot Technology Co., Ltd.? Looks like it, the island around the thermal pad just encloses it give or take. When not DTP its surface is a lot larger, to better spread heat.

Yes, that’s the store. I thought they weren’t since I asked if the boards were dtp and they had no idea what dtp was, they said just copper.

For measuring continuity I’ve never done it before. When taking the reading it shows around 1.1-0.8 and slowly drops to zero, sometimes 0.6. Why doesn’t it show a constant reading? Probably should just watch a YouTube vid

Continuity is just the beep setting when you put the probes together. Doesn’t matter voltage or anything else. If it beeps between those points its dtp

Excellent, then it’s dtp. Thank you. Very helpful bit of info

Well, because the reading isn't constant. You are wiggling the multimeter probes, and namely moving the contact plugs and all of that. So, the resistance along the probes changes.

This remembered me of another time when I did research chemical drugs from time to time, and I always had a milligram precision balance at home. I found them faulty. Faulty because commercial balances tend to 0 when they are close to 0, which in my opinion is not very right. But alas! Device flaws like that are caused by a combination of product designer and customer ignorance, although maybe I am just asking too much from an inexpensive device. Should get another sometime, they're useful and now there are quite nice models.

Buy only the best DTP’s for your lights. Sources: IO store , greatest choice of them has the MTN , & LED4POWER when he opens a store again.

Thank you, but think I’ll stick to Convoy from now on. I didn’t realize Simon had most variants when I grabbed these, they came with the red version.

I did plan on buying from L4P but now that Convoy is stocking them I’ll probably leave it. I could end up grabbing his CC driver though

Until 4040 pads comes out, can we use a 5050 instead?

Convoy has ordered the 2mm² boost so I’m assuming he’ll sort that