Osram? LED identification

Hi, I bought some lights for my car. Spec is 15400 “raw lm” and 11532 “effective lm”, 144 W and Osram LEDs.

Measured to 89 W. Now I’ve been trying to find the LEDs but to no avail.
Three pictures with different camera/light: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

There are 12 small LEDs and 16 big ’uns, both are domed. Small die is like 1mm² and big is 2mm² maybe?

The bottom one appears to be an Osram OSCONIQ P8 based on the bond wires, although that one is a 3737 footprint. That line also has 2226 and 3030 footprint variants, but I’m having a hard time finding actual photos of the emitters beyond renders to match.

Here’s a P8 though, from an AliExpress seller.

Thanks, they look very much alike. It would make sense for it to be the 2216 if so, either that or my eyeballing is off.

I’ve measured the light in total to around 12-16,7 klux at 10 meters. Tried to calculate the angle but I don’t think I got the radius of the spot right, I’ll try again tomorrow.

So if anyone is reading this the company defended themselves with two points:

1. You have to have a “light laboratory” to measure the power drawn. (what the actual fuck?)
2. The power they’ve drawn is something called “raw watts”, a made up term, sounds a lot like the Chinese 658 W 22” LED bars.
Apparently the light is “specified for 144 W” which means it’s a fraudulent design from factory? Makes no sense.

I’ll send them back just because fuck this company, I’ll order 3 of these from somewhere else.
The spot is pretty good compared to a lot of other bars doe.