Osram Sylvania Recall...

Y’all probably already know about this, but it seems prudent to make Sure:
Osram Sylvania ULTRA™ LED Bulb Recall Notice

It seems strange, to me, that “bad” old incandescent bulbs never had this problem…

The incandescent light bulb isn’t dead

There are still options……….

Also about a year ago, Lowes was clearing out a bunch of incandescents. Their price was 10 cents for a pack of 4! I “invested” $2 and stashed them away, I like to keep my options open…….

i’m sure there have been recalls in the last hundred years, just not at the moment

I think banning them is short sighted, just tax them heavily :bigsmile:
I didn’t get a chance to stock up on any, could be worth big bucks in a few years, its funny how people are more afraid of technology then they were in edison’s time, if incandescent came out today people would be chasing customers with pitchforks

That’s an old recall talked about here… Recalled LED bulbs under Sylvania, Definity, EcoSmart, and Westinghouse brands

I had around 100 bulbs replaced… royal pain in the ass to pull a zillion bulbs and check teeny-tiny (and sometimes missing) date codes…

Sylvania was very easy to work with, but I had to send the bulbs back to them at my expense ($50). It took a long time to get the replacements. The other brands were handled by Lighting Science Group, they paid the return postage, and were quicker to get the bulbs out.

Oh, and I have around 300 slightly used incandescent/halogen bulbs sitting around… mostly PAR16/PAR20/PAR30/PAR38 and MR16 halogens… anybody care to fund my retirement?

Also have a few dozen 60 watt incandescent Lumiline bulbs (new) stashed away… those puppies sell for upwards of $200 each these days! They haven’t made them for several years. Replacing Lumiline light bulbs with LEDs

Notice that the 40W and 60W equivalent bulbs are subsidized, but the 75W equivalents are not

What this means of course, that if you are going to be so reckless and unconcerned about the environment that you want to use a whopping 13.5 watts to read your copy of the Wall Street Journal, you’re just going to have to pay for it.

I’ve worked for subsidy programs, the 75W just came out so its not added to the program yet, so in the future when they revise it it should get added, but that could take a week (yeah right) or a year.