Osram white 1 lumen shifting like crazy

Is it normal for the osram w1 to ring shift as I ramp up? This is in a d1s with a 30Q (maybe I need to go with a 5-10A protected battery?)

Ya, it is somewhat normal. Led is basicly telling you it’s near the Amp limit.

You should limit the FET too. That LED is only good for ~5A so even a GA is probably going to overdrive it. All that info is in this thread: OSRAM CSLNM1.TG & CULNM1.TG 1mm², CSLPM1.TG & CULPM1.TG 2mm²

It’s also the reason Emisar scrapped doing it themselves. I think they will re-do the driver and release a larger D1S soon with it though.

Thanks, will do!

“Ring shift”? That’s a new one to me. What is that?

To much straining I think

title says its only “tiny” shifting

Now it does. Before it was “ring shifting”.

Tou need a low drain cell like an LG F1L or NCR18650B. Lg MH1 should work aswell but might be a bit too powerful.

Perfect thanks!