Other favorite items to buy from Banggood/Aliexpress etc?

I am new to AliExpress, Banggood, and GearBest… I have ordered ~5-6 lights (which are all inbound atm). I am interested in what other things people safely buy from these sites that one would consider obtaining from them… Doesn’t have to be flashlight related…

Raspberry Pi’s and acc
asstd meters
soldering/rework station
switches, led strips
small plastic project cases
mini camera modules
asstd electronics parts, modules
tape, glue, screws, bolts,
small pumps, fans

Look at the budget knives threads. Warning, anything with a brand you’ve heard of may well be counterfeit. On the other hand, there are interesting, good value (= quality for the price) knives from low to high end. On the low end, GANZO/ GANZO FIREBIRD, Land/Enlan, Sanrenmu $10-30. Midrange, CH, Two Sun, $30-150. High End, haven’t bought there yet, but Green Thorn has a good rep?

Hobby tools - look at Leatherworking tools, Precision screwdrivers
Watches - again, for the price there are good values. Many midrange use Seiko movements but run 1/2 - 2/3 the Amazon price.

Go to VIPON and browse!

I like Twosun knives, especially the ones with M390 steel, this one is great:

I like Banggood’s Blitzwolf brand. I’ve bought a bunch of USB cables, wireless chargers for my phone, solar panels, and cheap Bluetooth speakers. I also bought some USB and battery powered Christmas decoration lights from Banggood and Gearbest. I’m very pleased with these products.

Thanks for the sharing, some of these I would have never thought of

thanks, everyone I appreciate the input

Tons of other electronics like a mini amp, bluetooth module, phone cases “it’s the only place to get case for Oneplus 5T”
As well as headphone replacement pads and junky cheapo but surprisingly good earphones

led bulbs
light bulb size converters
glass fuses
alligator clips
mini grabbers
watch batteries!!!
watch tools
usb test loads
cheap toys
toy airplanes
kitchen stuff
led and incand car tail blinker and brake bulbs
watch parts -pins, bands, bracelets

I buy TwoSun knives, Bestech Knives, and Ruike knives, too.

Can you suggest good glue for plastic like Nylon or ABS?

car parts
raspberry pi stuff
cheaper knives
wifi parts
cell phone repair
outdoor gear
all kinds of glue
paracord things
SD cards
cables, lots of cables
monocular, binocular
moral patches
Qi wireless charging
in-ear monitors
ssd drives
12V power supply & LEDs
all shaving supplies
all ham radio
TV box/Kodi

Years ago badger knots were unbelievable cheap and high quality. Made two brushes from two and three band knots.

I bought silvertip badger shaving brushes on aliexpress and the quality was astounding!
Shaving supplies on there are generally a good buy if you have the right sellers.

I wouldn’t buy chinese straight razors, however. Better spent some money on Solingen products like Aust or Wacker. Or go with an old Sheffield.

yes, the razors are not always good. I am still looking for a 100% stainless steel razor, not the chromed zinc ones. but they are not cheap.

pin badges and little toys for geocaching
zigbee buttons
pc parts
mobile phones (xiaomi)
lanyard beads