I just wanted to have a look at manafont and I have got this:

Ughh yikes! Do you think that's really a trojan virus on Manafont, or is it maybe just an Kapersky error? At any rate, it would be good to let them know ASAP.

No prob here :| (KIS 2011 also, updated yesterday)

It's still the same. I tried several times.

I use Malwarebytes active protection, and I get a popup warning every time I go to Malafont, though I've ordered twice from them at this point. I tend to think that my protection is very sensitive, and that there isn't a problem...but ignorance is bliss :)

I had several orders from MF and there was no problem before. I updated to KIS 2011 recently maybe this causes the problem. However if somebody could contact them and ask about it. Obviously I cant.

I think it's false positive

This is possible, but to exit KIS to access to the website of MF, cannot not the solution for me. I still trust Kaspersky more than MF.

I tried virustotal:


Now I'm puzzled.

McAfee's SiteAdvisor gives it a big green tick and says "We tested this site and didn't find any significant problems."


I just tried going to the site and I got the same Kaspersky warning. I've placed 2 orders with them already. Hmmmm.........

I asked them to fix that. I guess, there was a misstake in the last update. The most silly thing in this matter is, among their own viruslist, this "trojan" doesn't even exist.

Kaspersky is so much ahead of their competitors, they are now able to detect a virus, long before somebody invented it.


Only 1 of 41 antivirus system recognizes it as a virus.

Sounds like a false positive due to a programming error on the page.

Got the same warning after update my KIS Still think it's false positive because of "bad" programming

Just add manafont to white list, you don't need to exit KIS

Kaspersky for me was junk that was a resource hog. I dumped it along with anything McAfee.

I use Avast free antivirus and Web of Trust with Firefox.

No warning on Manafont here-just checked.


I did it now, it works fine.