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I’m trying to find a Sunforce 40 Million Candlepower HID Spotlight Lantern or a Titanium Innovations Mega Illuminator, or something along these lines. A “concert” venue moved in ~28 years after we purchased our property at the edge of town. The “concert” venue is in the county, but 700 foot away from us. Many times during the summer these concerts go on until 1:00 am, and attract a large crowd of undesirables. County won’t do anything, city can’t, so I’m looking for a powerful beam that I can use to make sure nobody is coming onto our property, or heading to our property.

Would prefer something like this, but brother has cancer and can’t work, and I’m on disability, so price is a definite issue.


Any advice?



Your serious about lighting things up. The light in the link is amazing. Are you looking for something with its own source of power or are you looking to plumbing into your electrical system? I’m not a fan of undesirables either.

Absolute massive overkill.

You don’t obviously need something like the light you linked, especially only at 700ft.

Nevertheless, the light linked below would be your best bet:

It throws quite far at 900-1000m, and throws out 6000 lumens+ of brightness on turbo mode, so should be plenty to weed out bad people on a wide range at 300m-500m still.

You can get it at 110$US in this link with the coupon specified for the Astrolux MF02S:

If you want something more powerful still, here it is:

The same brightness, but throws the light at over 1500m on turbo! You can get it cheaper by using the coupon code with the light named Astrolux MF04S:

The lights specified above use lithium ion 18650s, and you can order some cells from here:

Get 8x of them so you have a separate set of batteries for the light in case you run out.

And the battery charger:

Thanks, but I need it as bright as possible, for if the people in the stands and under the dance pole barn see this bright light, it will give them second thoughts about coming my way, plus it may help end the concerts a little early if people know they are being watched.

Still, the searchlight would be great, probably has automatic swivel too, so I could just put on my sun glasses, sit back and relax. :slight_smile:

Are the two I asked about no longer available?

Thanks again,


I would prefer something that is portable, or standard 120V.

See, the lights you linked aren’t actually as bright as the lights I linked. They are just a lot more intense than modern LED lights in terms of spotting, and are absolutely massive overkill for 700ft uses.
And looks like they aren’t available anymore.

They can also be put on a tripod, so you can just put them on it, and let the party start :slight_smile:

The video as an example of the MF04S. As you can see, it is a massive wall of light:

It’s not going to be easy though to find a good and powerful light that uses standard 12V though.

There’s also this monster, but I wouldn’t recommend it to you:

The maxabeam is probably your best bet.

Those “40 million candlepower” spotlights never actually give those big numbers in real life.
If you want something even more powerful than a maxabeam you could get one of these, but then watch out you don’t blind people.

WOW, a $15k off sale? ONLY $109K? Bro you’re really putting the budget in BLF today!

Ordered 2, I just cant pass up a $30k savings, what do you think I’m mad?!

Nice pickup Ck.
Will a 21700 work or do you have to use an 18650?

Might I suggest just using tracer rounds? :smiling_imp:

Just kidding!

(Sort of.)

Tracer rounds are an option, but the cost to keep a constant stream of them at every concert would be overwhelming, then you have to add in the cost of the .50 bmg, and the jail wedding. :open_mouth:

Also, your hex code doesn’t translate to any english words, must be some secret guberment code.

Nah, just goggle it. :laughing:

I did, LOL. Was thinking to hard on it, old mainframe programmer.