Outdoor comparo vid: Sunwayman D40A | Nitecore P25 | ThruNite TN11S | TaoTronics TF01

Went back to the dock to grab a quick comparo vid and some beamshots. As mentioned in the vid, the reason I picked these lights is because the D40A, P25 & TN11S all have relatively the same size reflector (only exception being the D40A's is textured) and are in the same ballpark output & throw-wise. The TF01 is not in the same category but since I had it with me, decided to include it in the vid (consider its appearance a cameo for this round, I'll get it tested with comparable lights in the future).

Also, I was wrong about the distance to the furthest part I was aiming it in below vid. Using the map from the large lights comparo, it's actually ~737ft to point D (only areas from the dock to points C & D are covered in this comparo):


As for the beamshots captured (on Sony RX100) during the vid, since these were shot using the movie settings (ISO 1600) there's a bit of noise (grainy).

L to R (all pics of four different points): D40A | P25 | TN11S | TF01
(you'll need to click on each pic to expand since the thumbnails didn't scale correctly and isn't showing the whole scene)

Point 1

Point 2

Point 3 (dropped the TF01 from here on since it didn't show well)

Point 4

= = = = = = =

The following shots were captured after filming with the following EV: ISO80, .8", f/1.8, Daylight WB (I decided to include the Lighten7 Elite S1A in these shots but just note that the battery was pretty depleted by now since I was using it for the control scene as well as just general illumination).

NOTE: Unfortunately, I didn't position the lights correctly on top of the camera thus there was a shadow in the foreground created due to lens obstruction but you should still be able to get good idea of the spill to left/right of this shadow.
Top L to R: Elite S1A | D40A | P25

Bottom L to R: TN11S | TF01

According to bing maps, my position to start of dock (reflector sign) and end of dock are as follows:


Top L to R: Elite S1A | D40A | P25

Bottom L to R: TN11S | TF01

Here are my observations:
D40A - Throw comparable to P25; looks superior at closer distances due to larger hot spot but P25 is better at longer distances (especially as seen on dock at Point 3 although pics in Point 4 indicates otherwise - this seems to be the only anomaly in my shots). Has a more white tint between the two.
P25 - Best thrower at long distances here with most intense hotspot, however tint is slightly purplish likely due to the AR coating tuned for this wavelength.
TN11S - An older model compared to the two lights above but still able to hold its own. Has the most green tint of the bunch.
TF01 - Floodiest of the bunch but of course, not in the same category. Still a great EDC light with good output (on LiIon's) for general use.

Thanks for all the great work with these comparison! I have a P25 inbound and now that FT has the D40A its nice to see how they compare.