Outed a Nazi on the other site.


User Ebow86 had been harassing me for months, sending me PMs, stalking my threads. Why? Who knows what goes through the mind of the insane?

Last night, he posted up a sales thread with his paypal e-mail for payment. I searched the email on Google, and found a treasure-trove of his hatespeech on YouTube.

"White pride. I take pride in my German Irish roots, and am proud of my ancestors. However, there are others whose ancestors come from a war torn, disease ridden, starvation plagued continent called Africa. Unfortunately, us white European Americans have to deal with these subhuman monkeys on a daily basis, and even more unfortunate is the fact that this? comment will never be seen because of the baboon that will not approve it. Whites are superior, get over it.

surefire1986 1 day ago"

Link: http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=udxZ9zkDzpo

Needless to say, he denied it. Now, the text has been deleted, but not before being saved for posterity. Coincidence?

If you follow the username, he posts elsewhere about "angry blue" LEDs as well as promoting incan lights - EXACTLY like he does on the other site.

I wouldn't take his torch if he was GIVING it away. I cannot believe that in the 21st century, this level of unfettered racism can exist.


cant fix stupid

I'm a race realistic, not racist ;)

pathetic and ignorant

There's plenty more where that came from. He goes on to praise Hitler and lambaste inter-racial marriages.

I apologize if this thread has offended anyone, but I truly feel that only the light of day and rational discussion can help erase these horrible traits from our culture.

I think the guy needs a "Zed" treatment.

"I'm gonna call a couple pipe-hittin' (brothas), who'll go to work on holmes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. Hear me talkin' hillbilly boy?! I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'm gonna git Medieval on your ass."

But seriously, I guarantee that guy's a wuss in person and would never ever say something like that face to face.

Cowards they are. Pure cowards.

I thought from the title it was going to be some kind of flashlight nazi, not an *actual* nazi. I don't want to start a sh**storm, but the gun lobby runs very conservative and a lot of the flashlight people are coming from that, so it doesn't surprise me that much. That doesn't mean all gun people are crazy or even a significant percentage, but almost all of the right wing crazies are gun people. So they are around.

This is why politics are a third rail on forums and frequently any political discussion is banned. Whatever you do, don't antagonize the guy, there isn't any good place for it to go.

Should have left it all over there.

Thanks for all of the replies. I appreciate the perspective.

this s*%$ should probably to left to be hashed out elsewhere. one of the best things about blf is it is usually lighthearted, a fun forum to be on, and it is probably best that way.

...anybody can voice opinions freely.

One of the worst things about the internet is any douchebag can voice opinions freely.

It's only a matter of time before he ends up here, by default (banning.)

Thanks again for the comments.

I'm from the World War II era, and the fact that there are neo-Natzis is just unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. Lest we forget, my friends, lest we forget.

I’m a Redneck and I don’t back down. I can see you don’t take flack either. Looks like we have something in common besides flashlights. Your ok in my book Chicago X. You can’t change him so best to forget him.

Don't you have a light named after you? There are not many contributors who have that honor. Given that, don't let an ahole bother you.

excellent point, well said. too bad there are still idiots that emulate idiots from the past.

I saw a show on Tv where they traced back (via dna) modern man to africa. So we all came from the same place originally. Don't worry about him.

On a more realistical view his points are flawed at best. African descendants, are genetically superior than ordinary white caucasians. They had an enourmous selection determined by survival for ages.

No1 can rival the sheer amount of idiocy a white perosn is able to come up with.

Being gifted? Perhaps, but used the gift in the least desirable way.

That’s why this stuff should have been left over there. This is the most racist thing I have seen on BLF, not that I’m real sensitive to that stuff but I sure don’t need it here.

You find my post offensive? It's a rather sketchy history wrap up. Like it or not, we should seriously close both eyes what's been done in history but it is there and has an impact. It is heavily generalised but statistically viable.

I agree, some things should be out of this forum. However, history unfortunately does not teach well enough, or so it seems.

I agree, i may have rushed it up a bit and my post required perhaps some elaboration as it may really seem provocative. In years of learning many things i discovered that i would really love some genetics from dark colored people (no matter how i describe this particular segment of the world i fear it would look as i'm being a racist). I know many personally that are tremendously gifted and on average their physical health is miles away than an average causasian male. Statistically that's very true. And again i'm digging into it. Well...

It's some1 mindset that try to define someone being better than others. That person obviously has excellent and very high selfesteem going so out of proportion that surely backfires sooner or later.

Sorry if anyone found that offensive, i am probably some sort of racist. I heavily dislike idiocy and those who support it by not knowing better. I'ts everyday life, we are fed with that by politicians every day and have to get along... unfortunately...