Outside Camera Screenshots anyone?

Staying inside today. 5 degrees F and blowing snow is keeping my butt where it is warm. Thought I would share a camera screenshot and see if anyone else would like to.

Nice, I hope some interesting photos show up. I’m outside of the big weather so nothing exciting is happening outside my windows.

Crazy fluctuations the past week.

Lows in the 30s, 20s at night.

56 outside right now.

Will dip precipitously tomorrow once this squall line hits.

Last week it was about 60 one day. 2 days later, cars were all furry with snow.

I’m getting dizzy…

I could post a surveillance camera image, but the weather is really nice here.

I hear that this storm is a once-in-a-lifetime-generation event.

I hope that those that are getting hit by this massive storm do just fine.

Here is some live cam action from the Ohio shore of Lake Erie, (a girlfriend lives there, not me).

Live video from Lake Metroparks Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park camera

The weather people tend to exaggerate a bit.

I;m getting hit by the storm. It’s mostly rain and winds. The winds is the worst part of the storm, up to 65 MPH wind gust. With average wind speed around 30 MPH.

My sister lives in Western North Carolina.

She's going to get hit by the storm today.

I'm not going to ask her for a photo, but I'll let everyone know if her area gets hit hard.

“I could post a surveillance camera image”

I can do that too, but weather also nice in Denmark.

B&W cuz the sun are just about below the horizon, and my camera are not that good.

I do read the Americans have bit of a cold spell ATM, we had that last week though not really bad and the 4 inches of snow are long gone.

Cams around my area. Webcams around Aarhus - meteoblue

It has indeed been extremely colder than normal, here on the western slopes of the Southern Rocky Mountains…

Snow has been scarce… the local Ski Area only has a 20” base, and less than 30% of the terrain is open.

Here is the WebCam at 11,000 ft altitude:


There was a screen room; and then there wasn’t.


The good; temp in low 70’s Merry Christmas.

It’s rebuildable.

My Huskies first blizzard. Besides the one in Mississippi where he was born!

Actually it’s just snowing heavy for a few hours before the temperature drops even more. It was 47° at 8:00 a.m. and at noon it is 30°. By 6:00pm it’s supposed to be about 12° and about 5° overnight. Very cold temperatures for probably half the country. Plummeting very quickly.I am visiting my brother in the City of Brotherly love!

Bomb cyclones, storm of the century, polar vortex. Who said weather is boring? Temp dropping from 50 to 5 in one afternoon here.

Thankful it was only wind and cold temperatures in Houston. Stay warm everyone!

I’m a native Houstonian that lives in another state now, you’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to see the mid-70s again, with nighttime lows in the mid-60s.

That will amuse some of the cold-country folks.

Where in Pennsylvania do you live?

I think you’re exaggerating a little bit sir!

Dropping 45° in 5 hours assuming afternoon is from noon time to 5:00 p.m.?

Suburbs of Philadelphia is dropping 15° from noon to 5:00 p.m. even in upstate Pennsylvania it’s not dropping three times that amount.

No exaggeration. I live in northeast corner of the state. And I’m not including windchill which is going to be about –11 last I heard. Here’s a link to the local station out of Scranton Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania Interactive Radar from WNEP | wnep.com We have dropped from 52 to 29 from noon until 2 already. My son in Pitt was 4 degrees this morning and it’s coming at us.

indoor picture.

He likes the Hard flagstone better than the carpet.

That is his favorite sleeping spot…I know its cooler but has to be uncomfortable.

Makes sense now as I look at the present weather of the city of my birth, Cleveland ohio. One below zero with a chill factor minus 28 and blizzard warnings!

Yup. Started out raining and now it’s snowing like hell with high wind gusts. It’s only for a few days though.