*OVER* Car charger deal....

Just ordered one…At $5 its a bargain! It has a usb cable included. The amazon reviews looks good! Needed one and waiting for the blitzwolf looks like happening in more than 1 month!


The description says it has 3 different output voltages, and l don’t see a selector.

Perhaps detect the plugged battery voltage automatically?

No clue but I need one to charge my mobile only! So should do great :smiley:

The 3 output voltages means that it is qualcoom quick charge compatible. 5v 9v and 12v (if I am not wrong)… Qualcomm quickcharge uses up to 12 v to quick charge the battery

I thought only the charging rate is increased to shorten charging time, not the voltage.

It has 9V / 2A or 12V / 1.5A, which is 18 watts. To get the equivalent power at 5V would be 3.6A, which is probably higher than the safe design limit of most cables and USB ports. They probably also need the higher voltage to get a higher current into the battery.


Shows $9.99 for me, is there a code or was it a flash deal?

Flash sale….14 units were left in the morning. It stayed at 13 for quite some time after my purchase. Came at around $3 with points.

No more available at 5$.

It was only about 15 units at that price.

Now shows normal price

You might better edit the OP to include that it was a flash deal and that its back to normal ;)!