Overrated candy.

I could never figure out the Chick-o-stick.

I had no idea that was even a thing.

Only time I ever heard of it was from “Laffy Taffy”.

Mmm, yum. They’re like a butterfinger without the chocolate, but a little less dense, with a little coconut. Don’t really see them too often, but I might just go hunt one down now.

Yeh, I goggled it, and it sounds intriguing.

Literally never saw one my entire life, though.

I miss Neccos, though. Think I’m the only one I know who ever liked 'em.

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I remember seeing them but don’t remember ever trying one. Probably because of the name.

I don’t get it.

Well, much of the commercial ketchup products on store shelves have loads of sugar, but this is ridiculous!

It’s supposed to be an “ultra premium” chocolate product. :smile:

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Candy-Corn is awful to begin with… just sugar loaded cellulose-wax.

But Hershey’s thought it was a good idea to make a bar version of it. :crazy_face:

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Yeh, I still got a problem with Turkey Hill ice-cream.

I keep expecting flavors like chicken-ripple or something.

The name is what killed Hydrox cookies. The original pre-Oreo Oreo cookie.

Yeh, chocolate nuggets, sort of like des-raisin Raisinettes.

Ever see goats crap? It’s like taking a scoop of Raisinettes and pouring it through a funnel onto the ground. First time I saw that (as a non-goat kid), I was like “wtf??”.


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I remember “Hydrox” cookies. And they did predate Oreos. 1908! It was made by Sunshine Biscuits, up until 1999, when the brand was bought out by Keebler, which was then acquired by Kellogg’s. The Oreo was commercially released in 1912, so it was a knock-off of the famous Hydrox cookie. But marketing was superior, so eventually Hydrox was misinterpreted as the knock-off. Compared to Oreos, “Hydrox cookies have a less sweet filling and a crunchier cookie shell that is less soggy when dipped in milk.”

Some other fun-filled facts:

  • In 1908, the cookie’s creation was inspired by “purity and goodness”, with a name derived from the hydrogen and oxygen elements within the water molecule.
  • In 1999, Keebler replaced Hydrox with a similar but reformulated product called “Droxies.”
  • As 2008 loomed close, the 100th anniversary of the Hydrox, fans swamped Kellogg’s with pressure to re-release Hydrox. And they actually did. But it lasted only a year, before being pulled.
  • In 2015, Leaf Brands trademarked the Hydrox name that had been abandoned and started producing the cookies.
  • In 2017, the recipe was changed to remove artificial flavors that had been used for 50 years and the company obtained non-[GMO] certification.
  • Leaf Brands filed a complaint with the US FTC in 2018 against Mondelez Int’l, maker of Oreo cookies, for hiding Hydrox cookies from customers on store shelves.
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I think I remember liking Chick-o-stick…
There’s a lot of overrated candy, but instead of getting into that, my favorite candy is Hershey’s extra creamy Nuggets with Almonds and Toffee.

The most I eat is six nuggets per day because I don’t see the point in eating more (for health reasons.)
It’s my perfect dessert, along with at most two Great Value (generic) fudgesicles per day.
(I like chocolate.)

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One of my all-time favorites as well! They have been readily available at Rite Aid and Walgreen pharmacies for the past couple of years.

They’re like candy communion-wafers…

If they gave Neccos I would have wanted to go. I forgot about Neccos.

First time I’d heard of Necco wafers: https://youtu.be/qE6brM24yIA?si=XGyI3cgvS_g14Iv8&t=189

Hilarious! Thanks for posting that!
(To “Night Court” regular Richard Moll - RIP)

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