Ozark Trail angle head light

Searched no luck

Picked up the OT swivel, spot & flood light to keep in my CJ5

Listed as 250 lumens for high 20 low 150 on flood 4h, 14h, 6h

Comes w/3AAA Was right at 12 bucks. Not water proof.

Magnet in tail cap that will hold when light is swiveled to straight

position (9 clicks). Belt clip is OK but can be pulled off if hit hard

enough. Does have yellow tint at edge but not bad Rubber on

bezel and tail cap. It will use the battery case from the Dollar Tree

lights for a quick batt change out if needed. From Off, each click

goes H L Flood, then Off. Good throw on H w/spill. Aluminum body.

A plus for me its the same color of my Jeep

Ozark Trail brand is Walmart for budget friendly lights.

BTW, The only ones I own from Ozark Trail are the Original Silver Bat Light and 2 pack combo bat light with penlight. Due to both of those being defensive tools.

Walmart is for a lot of the general public, the main place for most to

buy flashlights. I have had a lot of people ask my thoughts on which

would be the best to get when they see me checking out the light section.

I have had for a while the USB charged OT 500L silver light. It has been

working well, tight throw for its size. Just wish it could be unscrewed to see

what type of batt it has, without causing damage to it. Guess I will give it a

pre heat and twist up when it dies. So far the angle head light has been

handy, only prob is that I need to put it back in Jeep, it found its way into

my truck.

I owned the 750 lumen version of the light you own. I sold it off because throw OK. More of a flooder due to shallow reflector.

BTW, I bought because of silver color of light

Bought this on impulse locally and Iā€™m glad I did great comfortable fit plus I like that the battery compartment is with the lamp and not in back, nice super bright white spotlight! but the floodlight could be brighter, the red night light works well as does the auto dimming as needed when working up close.

got a picture of the carrier?
is the body tube deep enough for 18650?

One bought at Walmart, made by Ozark Trail. This 300 Lumen Headlamp fits all the criteria.