P60 driver recommendation for weaponlight

I’m thinking of building a weaponlight so there are some features I’d want it to have. I’m so use to using the nanj drivers but they don’t fit my needs.Do you guys know of a good driver that fits my criteria listed below?

- single mode

- Voltage range allows for 1-2x cr123a primaries/18650

  • Will allow for 300-500 OTF lumens (xpg-2 or xml-2, have not decided), around 2 hr runtime

This one works good for a weapon light, it delivers about 2 amps to an XML. Just make sure you pot it really well.


Very nice! Fits the criteria pretty well. Keep the recommendations coming. I’ll probably order a few different boards and see which one gives the best runtime vs. output.

Just went through fasttech and intloutdoor with no luck. Wanted to order from one of the more reliable/quicker shipping retailers but looks like I’ll have to broaden the search a bit.

Anyone try out these before?



I have that driver with an XP-G2. Pulls about 1.5 Amps from a single 18650. Pretty good for the XP-G2. Maybe thicker wires will help the current.

KD uses a different 1 mode 3-18v driver in their XM-L2 single mode drop in, that driver sucks. Its really a 3.5-18v driver.

I just built an L2P light for my shotgun. Single mode fully potted Nanjg @ 1.8A driving an XP-G in an SMO XP-G reflector. Super tight hotspot for aid in aiming and absolutely shock proof. Driver is fully soldered into the pill like it had a full bead weld. Rock solid and bright as hell.

Yea normally I’d go with a nanj but I want to be able to use 1 cr123a or 2 cr123a too.

I just placed an order for the one recommended above and for 1 of the 2 I linked (as the third was OOS). Now for the month long wait from KD…

Speaking of potting, what are some of the options in terms of material? I’m looking for something durable that will not degrade overtime. I know some people use fujik but I’m not really sure how “reliable” that is as a potting material.

Not sure how good it is, but I started using silicone adhesive cause its cheap and durable.