P60 drop-in 4) XPGs, 1000 - 1700 Lm avail in cool, neutral, warm white. Not exactly cheap, though...

I thought I'd give people a heads up in case anyone wanted to spend $175 and up on a P60 drop-in. It has 4 xpg emitters and you can specify tint. I figure it's better to get this than spend $150 on several lights that may not do the job. There are links to info & beamshots. Solarforce has a great sale on L2 hosts. This needs a 1x18650 or 1x26650. There can only be one.

I can safely say that one of those will not be in my future. I've spent less on complete and working cars!


I've spent less on complete and working cars!


That's hilarious. My first venture into vehicles was at age 15, buying an old motorcyle from a neighbor for the princely sum of $90. I had to push it home, but after a quick brake job and cleaning years of varnish out of the carbs it served me well till graduation.


I've been looking at that drop in for a few weeks now. I share Don's sentiments on this one, although I don't see why a triple couldn't be built for ~ $27, which coincidently I just ordered. Emitter - $20, Optics - $2, driver - $5...sort of what Old4570 did in this post. I'm all for excess, but I think 3xXPG's @ 1.1A each is probably pushing the limit on heatsinking of the P60 host.

Most of the motorcycles I've owned were more or less free - apart from the XL185 that cost me more than a year's pay. At today's exchange rate that works out at about 53 cents (A year!!!). But that's another story. The most I've ever spent on a motorcycle was $800 at the exchange rate of the time. About $400 at what passes for the exchange rate today.

The P60 format really isn't suited to high output LEDs. Better they'd built a body to stick the light engine in with good heat-sinking - the P60 was designed with no thought of needing to lose heat. Incans don't want to cool off. LEDs do.

You can get a sizable chunk of that output from a nice p60 XM-L at a fraction of the cost. Its lumen rating also seems to calculated without taking thermal sag into account. While it is probably a nice drop-in, it is certainly overpriced. Decisions, decisions...

Way overpriced IMO. I wonder why the Chinese don't make these yet for $30 ea.

One thing I've noticed while lurking over at that other site is that damn near anything will sell if the price is high enough. Every time I see someone post a homebuilt mod that's even remotely unique, one of the first comments someone posts is "Nice! How Much? In for Pre-Order!".

Thumbs ups for that guy, his is doing a very fine work ,with the dropin which i don't like and more importantly selling ilusions...nice mosfet switch, many years ago i modded with a Triac the switch of a 100W pistol soldering iron which was a pain in the a!&s because failed once a month,never again.

MY great great grandpapy used to say ..." there's a sucker born every minute " P.T.B.