P60 drop-in for farm use (bright/flood)

Hello everyone. I am new to this site and I have some questions. I am not upset or trying to put any other sites down, but I did fall into that "expensive flashlight trap" on another site and to be honest I am not happy. I am not a flashoholic, I simply want bang for the buck. I do not have a lot of money to just throw away in trying this and that. Now I have a few lights that I bought on Craigslist and I learned about them on another forum. They are good lights but not bright enough for what I want to do.

Now not knowing any better at the time I bought a modified Surefire 6P that was drilled for an 18650, has an upgrated tailcap switch and a 3 mode 493 lumen drop in. Well it all sounded great to me for $85, well i get it home and it is no brighter than my Quark 123X2 flashlight. Now I already have the 18650 body, so I am thinking that a bright drop-in is what I need....or do I?

I am legally blind (visually impaired) and I was born this way. I can see but I want a bright light for the total darkness of a farm. I have two 18650 cells and charger. The cells are UltraFire 3000MAH (the red ones). I want a floody type beam, wall of light....not a focused beam of light.

What should I look into on a budget? Should I look into another light all together or get a drop-in for what I already have? Thank you for the help.

This dropin is very highly regarded around here. Tons of light and flood.

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My vote goes to the Ultrafire 3 mode T6 dropin from Manafont .

Welcome to the forum, hope you like it here. You might consider using another 18650 battery. Those red "3000" mAh Ultra Fires have a pretty bad reputation.


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Keep the light order this drop in for it.


It is a direct drive XML 3 mode low, medium and high. You should get it in about 2 weeks.

Get these batteries to go with it they will put out 3.5 amps with the direct drive drop in that should give you about 800 lumens.


do you mean this fella here:


What about this one?:


Also there is a BLF group buy on Xtar batteries right now that is very good.

Reviews of the Xtars

And here is the group buy info. The 2600's are Sanyos inside.

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Give this thread a little time and see how many people recommend that XML from Manafont. I have never had a P7 so I can’t say about the other one. You would probably get the manafont dropin faster.
E1320s recommendation for batteries is a good tip too.

If you like DX and want to wait weeks for your order get this drop in it is now direct drive on high also but it is 5 mode about 800 lumens also.


You still need some decent batteries for a direct drive XML so order these also.


A little cheaper than the Manafont package but you might wait a little longer.

I have both the Manafont and the DX drop in and they are both limited by the batteries you have on high. I get 3.5 amps which is around 800 lumens with both drop ins on high but I prefer the 3-modes I don't need 5.

Id stick with the one from manafont because you'll get it faster than the other site and the XML dropin will be brighter than the p7

I have never used either of the sites listed above. I only know about DX from that other forum and they said to always stay away from DX, but then again they tried to get me to buy a $200 flashlight. LOL :)

You all beat me to this by moments .. I was just eyeballing this for my C1 P60


The Cree XM-L T6 (or U2 if you can find it) is insanely bright for the price. Also it is floody by design. Some will say that a Seoul P7 will be comparable, but I think the XM-L has the edge. I believe Luminus SST-90 will be brighter than the Cree, but the price is nowhere near comparable. An SST-90 can be had in P60 form for around $80, but as this is a budget forum, you won't see much info about that here.

I think you'd be pretty satisfied with the XM-L. Check the reviews for some beamshots with XM-L T6, keep in mind, most XM-L lights will have a larger projector than a P60 dropin:




if you really want to know about the output charateristics of XM-Ls, check out Match's fantastic thread here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2346

Thanks to all the reviewers to which we can almost "try before we buy!"

The XM-L is far brighter over the full width of the beam.

Manafont definately processes and gets your order quicker than DX. So whenever I have a choice I order from Manafont. Even if DX has the same item for slightly less I still would go with Manafont :)

Manafont tests all of there lights before they ship DX doesn't. Manafont ships within a week, you never know with DX I have seen stuff ship the same day and I have had stuff sit for weeks before it ships. You can save a couple bucks using DX but it is risky, I would rather pay a couple bucks extra and get stuff in two weeks that works.

I have the 3-mode Manafont drop-in and it is very good. Sign up with an account first before ordering so that you can keep track of the order status and earn Manafont points that will get you a small discount on your next purchase.
I prefer Manafont over DX as well. The problem with the DX drop-in is I don’t know how hard they are driving the XM-L LED and we have lots of people here who have measured the Ultrafire drop-in at Manafont to be driven pretty hard.

I got one of the 3 mode xm-l and the emitter is off center, so the beam is somewhat crooked and just kinda not pleasant when combined with the shift in tint across the beam. I'm trying to find a OP reflector for it which should at least make it somewhat more bearable.

The $19.99 Solarforce Mini that comes with an installed XM-L is pretty floody (from Kai Domain), more so than my other XM-L's.

Downside is that you will have to buy rechargeable CR123's or a batch of expensive CR123's to keep it going. Upside is it slips into your pocket pretty easily.


And remember it's a Solarforce fake of inferior quality...

The Manafont Ultrafire 3-mode XML is probably the best option, as people have said already. Forget P7/SST-50/SST-90, they are never fully driven in the drop-ins you can buy (and just draws more current for less light than an XM-L).