P60 Drop in that could handle 4x18650 in series

Hi all, I just bought a Solarforce Gladiator and was looking to build my own P60 drop-in. What single LED emitter could I use on this build? I was hoping for an XHP 35 with low, medium and high plus 3 hidden blink modes. Hope to hear from you all. Thank you very much.

I came across your post and I am curious to the answer. It may get more action in the flashlight mod forum section.
I will be doing similar P60 xhp70, 50, and 35 builds in the future.
Did you come up with a solution?
Good luck.

Sure the XHP35 HD/HI can handle 4S with is driver…

It might need a Custom made pill, I doubt it will fit in a ordinary P60 brass pill.

Built this with the Mtn.Max 17/20mm 4S guppydrv. driver, De-domed E4-1A XHP35 HD 4x18350’s

How about heat sinking? Is this kind of power OK with P60 format?

I have several of kiriba-ru’s copper P60 pills that I pressed fit into my bored/modded Surefire’s running Quads and Triples.

You can also Copper wrap your drop in’s.

As with anything else High Powered, the use of common sense is strongly advised!

This 9P is running 3S 3x16350’s and a 3S Triple

Even though the 9P is bored out to accept 3x18350’s or 2x18500’s, I had to run 3x16350’s because the Efest and Aspires turn the LED’s Blue!

Pretty serious power for a P60….

D36 Modules, running XHP70 9amps in a Surefire M3 Combat Light and a 900A

The D36 modules are fully potted, once they prove themselves out with Stycast.