P60 dropin that works like the K106

This looks interesting. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.17593 It is reasonably priced for a dropin at $11.39.

1100mA to the LED means a good lot of light and if it has the same reflector as the other "Super Bright R2" modules, it should throw well. The 200lumen claim is quite likely accurate.

Up to 8.4V so silly runtime on low with a pair of 18650s. Since my Solarforce 18650 extensionn arrived yesterday, this looks interesting.

Won't be as bright as the XP-G modules but will likely throw better than they do. Pity it doesn't have the newly announced R3 bin XR-E in it.

Am looking for some 8.4V drivers to replace the ones I have in the R5 dropins. This is where the conflict between spec and reality becomes a problem.

Wow, it even has precise percentage indicators. And mighty efficient if it's the R-series. I like it.

Added to my wish list but I'm waiting for too much stuff right now

I hope it’s okay to dig up this old thread.
I bought this drop-in about a year ago and it wasn’t very useful. It’s not a 3-mode programmable, you can only lock it at one level. If you want to change brightness, you have to go through the ramping process every single time.
But what’s really annoying is the low PWM frequency. I used it for nighttime geocaching once and at levels below 50% the woods looked like a disco, with the midges dancing under a stroboscope.
Soon after that, I swapped the driver against a NANJG 101-AK. Now it’s usable :wink:

  • Tido

That's useful to know. Many thanks.