P60 Dual XM-L on copper project

:smiley: Do you think if i drilled a reflector so that the hole was just the width of the 2 Led’s? Would that work?

I also think, it could be better then. Not drilling so wide hole.

The “cup” from the bottom of the reflector is not there.
Nice build anyway 8)

I’ll have to take it apart to make the copper bar shorter in order to fit a different reflector, but I’ll give it a go.

I'd rather remove some part of the pill.. or sand the OD down so it fits into the battery tube. There is a lot of space.

I solder filled the pill, so i think i will use a new pill and drill it to allow the copper bar to sit down into the pill.
I will drill a new reflector and hold it in place first though to see what type of beam i get to see if its worth doing.

I’d use a reflector meant for the SST-90.

I drilled a new reflector, and drilled a 16mm hole in a pill so the copper bar can sit down through it. I’ve still to complete the pill(need to build it from the bottom as the reflector wont screw on), but this is what it will look like.

Its an interesting experiment MattSPL. I'm glad your still at it.

Thanks MRsDNF :slight_smile:

Finished now after a lot of hassle. The + & - solder points on the Led-Tech pcb broke off while i was positioning the cables, so i had to solder the 2 wires tight to the Led’s so they made contact where the Led’s meet the PCB.

It works anyway.

The beamshot. Still has a donut hole, but much better than before.

Does the donut hole disappear if you move the light further from the wall?

No, I had it outside, and there is a dark spot in the middle of a big floody beam.

Here’s an outdoor beamshot. You can see the dark spot on the fence in the corner. Pics are only taken with my phone, so auto exposure.

Here’s a 4.25A XM-L2 p60

Here’s my modded Shadow SL3

It can be corrected to a certain extent with an aspheric lens, although that’s totally taking it outside the realms of it’s intended use most likely.

I mounted two SMD Nichia LED’s next to each other in exactly the same way (obviously nowhere near as bright as the XM-L’s) if needed I will record and make a youtube vid of how it focuses (the variability of focusing).

It would at least give you an idea of roughly what to expect if you did want to go that route.

Thanks for the offer Spasmod. I think i will abandon this project now though and think of something else to make.

Last month I did similar to you with 2 XMLs on a copper sink and had the same sort of beamshots

Nice work Troutie :slight_smile:

How did you make that heatsink?

Had another go at the reflector today and drilled a 12mm hole in it, then ground some of the inside so i could get it to sit tighter to the pcb. You can see how i had to solder the wires next to the led’s as the pcb solder points broke off.

The beam is much better now. Its like 2 round beams overlapping, with just some small donut marks in the centre.