P60 Dual XM-L on copper project

I decided to make dual XM-L P60 :bigsmile:

First, i drilled the reflector with a 16mm hole saw

Then i cut a piece of 16mm copper bar and drilled 2 holes in it for the cables. One hole broke through the side, but it doesn’t matter.

I’m using an Led-tech copper pcb that will sit on the copper like this

Here it is with the 2 XM-L’s on it

This is how it will look installed in the reflector

I’ve not decided if this will be direct drive, or use a driver, but i’m waiting on drivers and blank 17mm pcb’s to arrive.

I love that Cu heat sink. Nice work! Im looking forward to your beam shots. It should be a mega-flooder.

Yeah, i can’t wait to get it powered up :slight_smile: I’ll drill a smooth reflector too so i can compare the beams.

NICE project! … and thanks for sharing.
I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it!
If you have another XM-L P60 it would be great to see comparison beamshots.

Yeah no problem, i’ve a direct drive XM-L P60, and an XM-L2 P60 running about 4.25A

DD should make for a nice (if not short lived) hand warmer. >)

Nice work, I like the way you used the PCB! One question: why not have the reflector sit on the pcb so more of the reflector is used?

Yeah, things could get toasty :slight_smile:

I hadn’t really thought about that. I just had a 16mm hole saw and wanted to see what it looked like with the copper pcb on show.

Can’t wait to see the end results (and beam shots).

You could stack 7135s on a driver for 6 amps and end up with lower modes for longer run times and less heat.

Nice. I've never seen a LED base used this way. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

Very cool...Im tuned in

I have drivers, blank pcb’s, and 7135’s on the way, so I’ll see how I get on.

I can’t take credit for the dual led on one pcb, Nailbender sells dual xp-g’s on a single pcb. This might be the first dual XM-l though?

I’m contemplating dismantling my direct drive single XM-l p60 so I can get this one up and running :slight_smile:

I couldn’t wait any longer, so i’m making it direct drive.

A bit more progress

I finished this today :slight_smile:
One Led wasn’t working, so i had to remove the pcb and remove the led’s, test them, and reflow them again.

So, here’s the finished product

And the disastrous beamshot :_(

I’ll have another go at this with a bit of modification and a new reflector at some stage.

An interesting thing though, it was causing problems with the 7 Amp protection circuit on my Enerpower+ 2900mAh/3C cell(pulling nearly 8 Amps from the cell), and when i put in a Senybor IMR (Panasonic cgr18650ch), it pulled 12 Amps J)

12 amps for 2 emitters, nice! But the beam is far from pretty. :D

Btw., could you set the size of your pictures to 100%?

I’ve made the last 2 pics a bit bigger, but if i make them any larger they don’t fit the page.

LOL! I had a feeling your beam shot would look like it did. You’re too far into the reflector to get anywhere close to the correct focus.

I did that about 2 or more years ago , dual XP-G , and Dual XM-L ..

The dual XP-G is better as the emitters are smaller , but you do get the do-nut hole , think back to SSC P7 and MC-E


I meant smaller. :P

You can set the size to 100% in the posting process in the "appereance" tab. 100% in the first field for dimensions, clear the second one.