P60 Kaidoman AR coated glass - Recommended! Pics inside

’Sup guys, bought two of these last week, they came today.

Just want to put up some pics, they’re very good. I would buy more, but I don’t have any more P60 hosts.

It comes sandwiched between two pieces of sticky plastic, like the kind you have to peel off the screen of your new smart phone.

Stock on left, KD on right.

Holy crap that is clear.

That’s all, just wanted to share my findings!

Thank you for the sharing. Ordered.

I’ve tested a few of the KD lenses. They are good, but not the best. The KD lenses that I tested increase the light output around 5-6% over a plain glass lens. The best AR lenses can do 7-8%.

Where did you get the AR lenses which could do 7-8%?
If it’s cheap I might get some for my TN31.

But P60s aren’t focused on having maximum output, so a maximum difference of 3% between this and your AR lenses isn’t perceivable at all, so I’m content with this :slight_smile:

Just a heads up. Not all kd ar coated lenses are the same. My 28 mm are great double coated. My 29 mm seam less effective. Single layer maybe? Barely perceptible on my lux meter. The 28mm lenses are ready to measure the gain over stock glass

One was those 62mm lenses made by Leica that a guy on Ebay had for cheap. They sold out quickly because they fit the Defiant Super Thrower.

Another was from a Promaster UV camera filter ($21). I used it in a SRK. Beware that most cheap camera filters are little more (if anything) than plain glass.

The ones linked in the OP are the good ones from KD, right?

Yeah they are great. I meant that not all the sizes they sell are as good. All the 28mm ones I have look great, the 29 are merely okay.

Got it. Thanks for confirming.

Yep, I linked the one I ordered.

Gonna grab a half dozen of these for my p60 hosts plus 1 or 2 other p60-sized lights I hope they’ll fit. Thanks for sharing.

Ordered three. If they make a measurable difference I'll want to get'em for all my P60's.

Thanks for sharing. ordered 3.

Just FYI, they like to send the 29mm ones when you order the 28mm ones. I ordered four 28mm ones and they shipped me three 29mm ones and 1 28mm ones. I complained and they said they would ship me 3 replacement 28mm ones with my next order. I placed an order for some stuff and added an another 4 28mm lenses with the order. So, I’m expecting 7 28mm lenses. Do I get 7 28mm lenses? Nope! I get 3 28mm lenses and 4 29mm lenses. I complained again and got them to send me 4 replacement 28mm lenses without placing another order. This time the 4 lenses I got were 28mm. So, as long as you’re patient and persistent you can get 28mm lenses and apparently get a nice collection of 29mm lenses as well.

I thought I was the only one they did that to :bigsmile:

That’s some stupid bullshit right there. Just send me what I paid for thanks! Grrrr

I tested several lenses here (as well as bezels too) :wink:

That’s right, I totally forgot about those tests. You da man!


Thanks for the link, and all of the work that went into those tests.

Clear as crystal. Good find, SlewFlash.