P60 Styled Sinner Custom Host - "BLFP60-SCH" -

I’ve been thinking about making a BLFP60-SCH “BLF P60 Sinner Custom Host” and I have some extremely great ideas. So far I have worked out the internal dimensions, The first prototype was made using Aluminium was a disappointment so I wont be posting any pictures just yet , but I’ll share the details once a rough prototype has been done.

This is going to be an all-custom host, and although the cost breakdown is not figured out yet, I’d like to keep the price close to $20 as much as possible and a minimum of 50 hosts to reach that price point so I will also need the developers/members to commit to a certain number of hosts , one host per person for now.

This thread is open to discussion, suggestions etc.

More to come…

Are you using the complete ass from a P60 which includes the oem pill or using a separate screw in type pill? I hope that makes sense.

The pill is OEM style but 5mm larger and made from copper. The OEM pill can also be used.

This is what I am talking about… his brain is churning already. I can cough up around $20 when your ready :wink:

I’d put up $20 as well.

Thanks Marc, I have a great feeling about this, I’ve always wanted to make a P60 compatible light.

I am in too.

id be down for one host.

Put me down for at least one, possibly two. I might be able to build a 5A module simply just because, and a more practical 2.5 or 2.8A module for every day stuff.

I’m in…for under $20 for sure…budget :smiley:

Gonna be a whole flashlight or just the dropin?

i think i’ll have to make a spreadsheet, this is pacing up faster than I thought.

@Warhawk-AVG: It is a P60 host body, All Custom with a copper pill.

Ooh, what about lens, clicky, boot? If not, I have to add those to my shopping list…

Lens, clicky+boot+spacer included, also the clicky can be replaced with Mattaus’s e-switch or mcClicky by just unscrewing/screwing the retaining ring.

Also I have to work out further options yet, Instead of everyone buying small parts I will add them to the hosts myself at probably no additional costs.

Lets see.

Any thoughts on a screw in pill? The thread on a P60 is 20mm x 1mm pitch. If this was made around 12mm long the reflector would screw on one end and a 17mm driver pocket could be machined in the other and the assembly screwed into the head/body. This would allow for a better heat transfer to the body.

It will, but it might also make it complex for some. The goal is to keep it simple and budget. But a simple threading wouldnt hurt i guess, I might just make one like you said and see how it turns out , it is a great idea.

So it’s currently a host plus copper pill and reflector only at this stage at a goal price point of $20. If we want things like lens, clicky+boot+spacer, then that would be at an additional cost, possibly at cost to you.

It’s still a good price IMHO.

All said and done if you could do a host kit around 35-40 shipped I would be happy.

I’ve seen your other work and it looked exceptional.

If it works out to be something I can just install a regular P60 drop-in and somewhere around 20 then great!!
If not maybe there could be a “economy” model for folks like me who don’t (can’t) get too fancy.

Please count me in.

Thats the plan.