Package distinguish for Cree LED

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It is hard for the newbe to distinguish the XR-C XR-E XP-C XP-E XP-G ,now there have some picture you can distinguish it.
The meaning of the letter
XR-E Q5 WC XR-E mean how to package,Q5 means the mode of the LED,WC mean the color of the LED.
XP-G R5 2S XP-G mean how to package ,R5 means the mode of the LED , 2S mean the color of the LED .

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Big Core

small Core,the best choose for shot farther

Yeallo series, it is rare to see now

Above are the most commer package of the XR-E,a special feather is there have a mental ring around the LED.This package is currently the highest maximum light efficiency is XR-E R2 ,350ma 114-122 lm, 1A 256-274 lumen.


350am 80-90 Lumen


This one is not usually see,you should watch it carefully ,how to identfy it? First the luminophor is the smallest in the XP series,second ,there have three line in the LED ,thried the electirc current only upto 700ma.usually packet for the Q2 .


This is package by the XP-E,there have four line in the luminophor,usually there have a three dark sopt .main contain Q3 Q4 Q5 R2 R3.

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This is XP-G LED ,this is most popular now .Feather five line,the luminophor is the largest single core,now there have R3 R4 R5.

Different between XP-E and XP-G
1.Emitter area ,the E is small than G
2.line ,The E have 4 line ,and the G have 5 line
3.the XP-E have three small dack spot,the XP-G didn't have
4.Xp-G is much brighter than Xp-E


MCE RGB ,four types of color: red, blue green ,white

MCE Ordinary white

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