Palight BOSS II - 2nd generation searchlight short review

Dear All,

You can find a full, more detailed review on my flashlight blog (with google translator in lower left corner).
In this short article I will show you the Palight BOSS II 2nd generation searchlight.

Brand: Palight (CaroNite)
Model: BOSS 2
Emitter: CREE XPL-HI
Luminous Flux: 2000 LM
Max Beam Intensity (measured): 137750 cd
Color temperature: NW: 5300K; CW: 7300K
Switch: reverse clicky
Battery: 1-3 pcs 26650 or 18650 with adapter
Modes: 4 (high, turbo, low, strobe)
Mode memory: NO
Lens: normal glass :frowning:

The box contains a neoprene holster, 3 low quality 18650 adapters, and a Chinese-language manual.

The head and the body are glued, I could not break them apart. Unfortunately, the lens is a normal glass, no AR coating. Construction seems pretty solid.

The biggest mistake of the body is that not all of the 26650 batteries can fit into it. The popular cheap Liitokala 26650 does not fit! Thicker foil film scratches when insertion, the edge of the profile is sharp. Button top battery should be used.

Because of its size it would be classified as can-light. It’s quite heavy, 565 grams, and uses just one Cree XPL-HI LED. The accessory handle makes good use of it.

Measured current consumption:

- 0,79A (high)

- 2,55A (turbo)

  • 0,06A (low)

Because of the many aluminum it does not heat up at all, it was pretty cold in the 15 minute test period:

Also, everyone is interested in beamshot, here’s 200 meters to see what the light is:

It would not be a bad thing if a few bugs were repaired by the manufacturer. If all the batteries fit, we get a higher power consumption in turbo mode would be very good. That’s right, and you get very long running times and a good distance for your money.

Can be purchased at a good price:
Banggood - Coupon: linepayflt
Recommended Battery: Keeppower ICR26650 5200mAh 69.5mm - Coupon: linepayflt