Palight GS2600 Review and Tear Down, with beam shots AND NOW, the MOD! and XHP70 beam shots!

Good job OL

Looks like a tk35 (but more manly) with thoes 26650 cells.

I like all the leds in the tail cap.

XHP70 beam shots are up in Post #2

The beam of the XHP70 is more of one big spot, where the spot and spill blends into one beam, but still brighter overall, although not by much. Just like I like them.

Thanks for watching, GAW to follow!

Nice light and nice mod, as always! It’s just a bit too pricey for my tastes. It would be very hard to pass up at the <$50 mark.

when’s the giveaway ??

Nice review, but I like your use of the copper strips the best. I’ll be using that idea at some point now.