Panasonic NCR18650A (with PCB) from FocalPrice

I'm a long-time lurker and this is my first post, so you've got a Noob here.

I have been reading the threads on the "best value" 18650 battery, so I started looking around and ordered 4 Panasonic NCR18650A (3100mah) batteries from FocalPrice (sku EB0048G).

I chose this battery based on price ($8.76 each ordering 3 or more and free shipping). Everything I've read indicates that NCR18650A have the most capacity.This particular green Panasonic is different in all the comparisons that I've read because these have a PCB installed by the manufacturer of the cell.(Note the black stripe around the bottom of the cell, that is the PCB).

They came packaged in a padded envelope that was in good shape. Shipping is slow, as they took 2 weeks to arrive from China. One PCB has a VERY slight dent, possibly caused by shipping.They also came loose, with 2 paper UPC labels on each cell. After scraping the labels off with my fingernail, glue residue had to be removed with paint thinner (solvent).

Compared to my Trustfire Flames, these cells are long. I measured 18.4mm X 69.2mm with a micrometer. They fit in my Solarforce L2, and barely fit in my Olight SR51.(spring fully compressed)

The 4 cells arrived with 3.643v, 3.643v, 3.642v, and 3.641v.

I don't have a hobby charger to do discharge capacity tests, but I did 4 rundowns to shutoff with my SR51 on high.

Run 1, set A: 4.17 V start to PCB trip at 2.8 V - 108 min.

Run 2, set A: 4.20 V start to PCB trip at 2.8 V - 109 min.

Run 1, set B: 4.20 V start to PCB trip at 2.8 V - 110 min.

Run 1, set B: 4.20 V start to PCB trip at 2.8 V - 109 min.

(109 min. average)

Just for curiosity's sake I used my 1.5 yr. old Trustfire Flames that have had very light usage, and they yielded 80 min. to shut off. (PCB looked like it tripped at a higher voltage.) As I mentioned before, the Panasonics PCB tripped at 2.8 v, and reset itself when resting voltage climbed back up above 3.0 volts.

Olight's rating of 110 min. on high is obtainable, and these cells are right there. If anyone would like to do a discharge test using new cells (Hi-max,etc.) and a Olight SR51, I'd be interested in the runtime results. Please post it here.

Overall, I'm very satisfied. If you are looking for the best at just a few dollars more than the cheapest cells, consider these.

Thanks ada_potato, that looks like a pretty good price for these batteries. Welcome to BLF!

Aloha and welcome to BLF ada_potato!

Maybe we can get HKJ to review these to makesure they're on the level.

I also ordered 4 of the protected ones from FP. They should arrive this week. I’ll then conduct my results with my humble Accucell Hobby Charger at 1 A discharge rate.

Good to have you here, ada_potato.


If they are protected, protection is DIY, not by manufacturer. I quess...

there are more batteries for great price on FP:

and marsfire :) with "original" Sanyo 3800 mah inside

from some reports on their site Panasonic cells are good, but some doubts still presents... :)

Wow, that's a cheap price.

So, if they're lying about one of their batteries, what are the odds that they're lying about some or all of their batteries?

They are protected, the problem is the description as far as I can see.

In buyincoins got the same batteries, look at the white and red ring on top of it (+) and compare to the unprotected.

Here you also got the link to the ones at buyincoins, where by the way they are cheaper if you buy only 1-2 units.

They are, but not by manufacturer.

The latest batch of batteries I got from BIC appeared to be really bad. Blue Ultrafires rated at 2400 mAh were 220 in real. And 3600 protected UFs only 880 mAh. I'm not buying another battery from BIC. I guess FocalPrice green Panasonics are genuine but maybe with untuned circuits.

Yes you are right, I did not get you.

There isn't any cell manufacturer as far as I know selling protected cells, they are always unprotected, they are protected by the companies who re-label.

The similarities here is is ULTRAFIRE, not BIC. You can buy UF batteries from ebay, Manafont, DX etc and most likely you'll get the same junk.

The first batch I had from them (talking about 2400 ones) were way better. They now sell uberly inexpensive but apperantly junk cells under UF brand. I have always avoided UF cells but were surprised I had good luck before.

FocalPrice has really good prices if bought over 3 pieces. I really wonder how my ones will measure. As the OP says, they will more likely be genuine. Maybe I'll get their 2900mA Panasonics too.

I feel they are genuine just from the measurements given by ada_potato if we take as a true value the 3100mAh of the panasonic, compared to his trustfire flames gives us the trustfire flames are 2254mAh which sounds to be true on the old batches of them.

I have just seen this same panasonics at CNQG, the price is a lot more expensive, but at least they have published its resistance, being ≤45mΩ.

Here you got the link:

I bought two of these cells at CNQ and will add two discharge curves later when I'm home.

They published something that is absurd, they cannot be under 100mOhm. The cell alone has 80-90mOhm and "standard" mosfets will add 25-38mOhm, from 4.5V to 2.5V

45mOhm could be the resistance of just the protection pcb.

But you are right, it's useless to claim this would be the total resistance of the protected cell.