Panasonic with welded button

I’m looking for some protected button top batteries. The Panasonic ones looked fine, except that the description said the buttons are welded on by a third party. From a few discussions I’ve seen here about this, I can’t tell if this is an acceptable or unacceptable thing. Comments, please?

I’m sure I’ll be correct if I’m wrong, it as far as I’m aware, Panasonic don’t make any button top or protected batteries. Such additions are always carried out once the battery has left the factory, by 3rd parties. As such there’s a chance that quality control and parts used may not be up to snuff so I’d go on recommendation of others as to where to source if it worries you.

It is right

Yup, Rusty is correct. No battery manufacturer adds protection circuits or button tops. All done by third parties. 18650 cells were never intended, and still aren’t intended for individual use. They are made for assembling battery packs such as power tools, etc…

But they are used individually in flashlights. Is that problematic? Do any major manufacturers make button tops themselves?

None of the major cell manufacturers does it, but there are reputable brands that rewrap them and add protection circuits and/or button tops, like keepower, effest, and many you’ll find recommended on BLF

Flashlights are a by-use of these cells, it’s not problematic per se, but it’s good if you read on li-ion battery safety