Paracord lanyards with lobster claw or carabiner? Where to buy?

Way back Kaidomain had very affordable paracord lanyards, but they are sold out. Are they available anywhere else for the same price range (under 4$ shipped int.) ?

I don't know about paracord but these look pretty cool:

Thanks for the link , but I'm searching the non weaved version with lobster claw or carabiner.

But you're right they do look cool. Maybe I order a few as zipper pulls.


I don't know if they exist where you live, but here in the US, the cheapass can get these of varying quality at "dollar stores", and even bungee cord in form of tie-downs.

Amazon in the US has them for not much more:

But looks like .de is a bit more:

Do they have Prime (free 2day) over there?

Amazon prime is unbeatable, especially the the year free for students.

Amazon prime is also available in good old Germany. The Amazon stuff you linked is more along the quality of the advertisement lanyards from companies. I have one of the KD lanyards and absolutely regret that I didn't buy more of them.

Lighthound would be nice if I lived in the US... man I'm very jealous of US citizens that you have so easy access to so many cool stuff without relying on group-buys and packet forwarding services.


but do not complain much (here in Spain we have no Amazon)

Speaking of the land of the free, FREE multimeter in the US!!!onehundredelevenss!!!:


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Looks like they forbid direct links. So here's one with more free shit:

My taunt was hollow.

Hmm, seems to be not available for under 4$ any more. The cheapest I could find was the 4Sevens lanyard for 6 $ , but I do believe they have free shipping.

I know you are not after the carabiner or clip alone, but if so, I can recommend these:

I know, these are great for key-chains. Very good build quality, but double-sided - so one more connection to loose things. (and they are a little large for my taste)

I ended up with buying just the paracord alone at, where you can mix different kind of paracord at starting lengths of 1 foot (7 pennies - that's a price I like). For up to 10 feet I only paid 1.50 £ postage. I went with 3+3+4=10... cool store... waiting for the postman. Now I need a source for lobster claws or gate clips, best with free shipping.

Try this $1.30 and you get 24.

Thanks for the link, but that doesn't look like paracord.... it's not that I search any kind of lanyard... but specifically paracord lanyards (more durable, better customizable) like the one in the KD link above... also they have to be longer 30-40 cm - 1 foot with clips that can be opened. I asked Daniel of LT if he is able to get any of them for a reasonable price. The 4Sevens lanyard for 6 $ are just too expensive for my taste. The one on the MrLite flashlights also seem to be paracord or paracord-like.

Pictures lent from and I hope they don't mind...

That's funny, last few days I also searched the web looking for paracord lanyards or the components to make my own. Lighthound have a nice choice of lanyard stuff, but the shipping cost to Europe is a little bit to high. I ordered 100' of 550 paracord from GearUpEurope:

Mike gives 5% discount for CPF members.


If there was a place that sold reasonably priced lanyards, like the ones Vectrex posted above, I would buy 2 or 3 dozen of them. My favorite lanyard so far is the one that came with my Icon Rogue 1.

Yeah... paracord is great .... once go para - you never go back to those common, easily breakable, flashlight-loosing stuff we are all used to. If bought too much of it, you can always fix your personal Hubble space telescope with it.

If you need small amounts (starting at 1 foot length) of paracord is great. I paid 2.59 € for 10 feet with 3 different colours and shipping to Germany included (see post #13 ). But I still need a good,cheap source for gate clips and cord locks. The US Americans have easy access to paracord accessories , us Europeans are left behind.

Update with some random Ebay links:

Cord Locks

Cord Ends , 1 , 2 , 3

Gate Clips , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6


Thanks for all the links Vectrex!