[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

You could try adding a couple pieces of paper under the black centering thing. See if that makes it better or worse. (this moves the reflector away from the emitter)

If better, add a couple more pieces of paper.

If worse, then you might have to sand down the bottom of the black piece to make it a tiny bit thinner. (this moves the reflector closer to the emitter)

I measured the picture with a ruler :smiley: I got a big 29% difference.

Could you make a measurement of the hotspots? You wrote 3 meters from wall. JasonWW wrote 20,5cm at 9 feet (2,74 meters).

Would paper be a wise choice of material?
I just think about high temperatures and paper….

You may not have a Molotowflashlight afterwards, but maybe the paper could char and disintegrate?

I’m just guessing. Paper should be good enough for testing purposes. Another material might be better for a permanent spacer.

Its less in reall life i guess, the photo makes one spot brighter.

What i also tried is put them on moon light mode and walk towards the wall i will see a square(the led) with mine GT, the other GT there is never really a square it always kinda stays a cirlcle. Maybe other people can try this and tell what they see(or picture)

Look here: Light collimation with an LED flashlight

Can someone providing me Tracking code, pls :frowning:

It’s btw in no way any criticism. Both light throw extremly well. Just slight difference in beam profile, but with so much variables its expected that there are some.

Very good explanation from Enderman…

seems not shipped atm

Received my unit in Salamanca (Spain). Registered mail. Batteries included. One box. No fees.

It’s awesome. The Led is perfectly centered. The reflector is very well mechanized. It’s an amazing flashlight.

Congratulations, GT Team, for this spectacular project. Thank you!

I’m going to measure throw of my GT and Nicolaas’ GT somewhere next week, it seems that you and/or your dad are also in or near Amsterdam?, we could make it a 4x GT session then if you are interested.

Too bad i don’t live near Amsterdam, otherwise i’d join :wink:

Both GT’s on moonlight about 3 meter distance. Right is mine, left my dads.
image uploader

I would be very intrerested to find out what exactly is causing the difference - and how big the difference is on Djozz’ light meter…….

Provided good whether we could go outside (we have a nice beamshot area at a 5 min drive) and compare our GT’s to some other lights,
like my TN42 and modded Nitecore TM36 Light (dedomed XP G2 S2 with 849Kcd).


on 3m distance and lowest ramp (on - ramp up a bit - then ramp all the way down) i get a ~14cm spot

Does anyone know where to buy the exact same eye screw connector that is on the GT? I would like to use them on my Q8’s for a lanyard.

I think it’s the reflector. There’s a difference in reflection, my son has almost mirror finish (like it should be), while mine produces a blurry image of everything that reflects.

Am I the only one who received just 1 battery carrier with 4 batteries?

For now I’m using some bubble wrap to fill the empty space, so I can at least use the GT with just one carrier.

I understand they are a std size for cameras and tripods etc