[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

yes of course!

It ain’t made to be real useful JA. It is made for the W O W factor I imagine. :slight_smile:
And…. W o w it does, to me anyway. That skinny pencil type of a lazer beam just looks great to me!! . :open_mouth:

This thing is meant only for throw & throw it certaily appears to do. :smiley:

Check out there website though…. they have a couple of others that throw a looooong way, but would be more useful.
One is a zoom made of the Jaxman Z1 host. That one looks pretty darn nice. :+1:

I am with you…… if I had some extra money to burn I would have one of these also!! I’d shine it on people in the next zip code…… :smiley:

That little thin beam just looks fantastic!!

Maybe one day………. :wink:

I appreciate that :beer:

I’d like to point out that for lighting up something approx 1-2km away, the 4.63Mcd from my flashlight does a decent job.
With 1-2Mcd the spot isn’t really bright enough to have enough usable light bounce back and make out objects clearly, especially if there are trees which absorb a ton of light.
When lighting up stuff that far, you don’t want spill at all, it’s just an annoyance that doesn’t help illuminate the object at 1-2km.
If anything it will increase the brightness around you by hitting particles in the air, creating a fuzzy curtain that makes it harder to see through and reducing night vision.
Finally, just like with sky beams, it’s not really about some object at the end of the beam, it’s about beam itself.
Having a column of light that reaches for kilometres is a ton of fun to play with, and impresses everyone around.
It’s about entertainment and “wow factor” not about daily use for productivity purpouses like an EDC might be.
Just like with supercars, there will always be people who have trouble understanding the point when their Prius can already get them from A to B.
At least on this forum there are several enthusiasts who do care about taking things to the extreme and pushing the limits of technology even if there isn’t a ‘need’ for something.
The GT is a good example of this.

what light do you have at 4.6 mill lux?
enlighten us please

The OptoFire of course!

Thanks tom :+1:

incredible….way to go
thats alot of lux :+1:

Love your thread on the best throwers too Kind of makes me wish I had a GT proto now to mod...

Thanks for sharing that link Tom…. I had forgot about that thread. :person_facepalming:

Very Impressive Enderman, very impressive indeed!!! :+1:

Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

If anyone plans to mod the GT into an aspheric thrower, use this lens:
The diameter and focal length are perfect for the dimensions of the GT.
Even though it says 0 stock, when I contacted them to get my lens they told me they did have some in stock, not sure if they still do though.

Should be able to get above 4Mcd if you own a wavien collar, or 2Mcd without.
With an appropriate driver and LED of course.
Although Wavien has stopped producing collars it should be possible to buy this flashlight and rip the collar out of it: Marinebeam Ultra Long Range CREE RLT Illuminator
Not cheap though.

:smiley: that heatsink is ridiculous! :money_mouth_face:

What is the focal length on that lens? I see the EFL is 115mm? Hmm, that is a bit too far for a perfect focus but maybe you could extend the head some to fit it.

The EFL is approximately from the middle of the lens, and it’s a thick lens, probably like 30-40mm so the BFL will probably be about 90mm which is the depth of the GT reflector.

holy crap, it’s a monster!

Oh man, what kind of throw can I expect without changing the LED.

If the optofire lens fits nicely into the GT without modding…

And this polished up and with a hole cut in the center would probably make a great waivern collar…


I hate spill anyway, the gt for me is meant to impress and not for real life use anyway.

Same here…… :+1: … Pretty much a BIG W o w Toy. :slight_smile:
Something to play with, with maybe an ocassional more serious use. :wink:

Anyone that can do the calculations with that optofire lens ?

What do you want to calculate?

The metal balls you linked to are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel doesn’t reflect the blue part of the spectrum very much. The blue light is what makes the phosphor of the LED brighter when reflected back. Don’t expect more than 20-30% gain. This also requires a high degree of precision so it’s a bit of work actually.
Wavien collars are coated glass reflectors that reflects >=95% of the LEDs light (including as much blue).