[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Yes you are right Dale. But it works only with ABS.

W o w…… THIS thing will really reach out there. :smiley:
I kinda like the looks of the head as is.

They have a couple of other interesting looking lights too. :+1:

Ive got to say, that looks like an amateur tried to make a flashlight (could be me :wink: )
Hopefully it works better then it looks :sunglasses:

The throw of that thing is simply astonishing, but it looks like Lego parts glued to a UF 1505 body.

And hence, the BLF GigaThrower…. :wink: (at an astonishing price, no less!)

Yeah… but did you see that ’lazer like’ beam it puts out. :wink:

For the life of me I can’t imagine a time when that flashlight would actually be useful. I guess just so you can tell your friends that you have a light saber

Their flashlights are built to throw, not to look good or be actually usable. If I had pockets rammed with money, I would buy this beast https://www.silentthunderordnance.com/shop/storm-of-ra . That monster blows my mind!

BLF user scianiac is one of the owners of STO. I've pm'ed with him. It's an interesting product line for sure. They would be better off though with the new Haikelite HT35 as the host - way better quality and about the same size, slightly larger head diam.

I was getting close to ordering one of the big ones, but with no outside opinions, reviews, more details I could not commit. The website has 2 pictures, that's it, and neither shows the whole light. I'm thinking they are not using a Waiven collar, or something similar, but not sure. On the tech side, not much information. The head diam of the 3D printed head is about the same as the GT actually, just looks a whole lot funkier because of the thin battery tube, and big blue head.

If the depth was ok, they could use the GT as a host and really improve the overall look of it I would think, but a 2S 26650 tube or triple 18650 tube would be better for the LED they are using. I really like the doubled up triple 18650 tubes, like this one: https://www.fasttech.com/product/4173002-sky-ray-s88-led-flashlight, though this light is not quality, I like the battery arrangement.

Yeah the guy making the Ra lights seems nice in the posts I read from him
That Sky Ray big boy looks good but with that branding I would not dare buy it.

The tiny pencil beam of the Ra light is a major turn off for me, besides the high price. But the fact that they do it and are flashoholics is pretty cool.

Wut? That Sky Ray is my most powerful mod . Measured ~37K, 16 XHP50 W2's.

yeah, there you go, those are a lot of xhp50 leds, and surele the driver isn’t stok either :slight_smile:

Brass plate added:

Evening fellas,

would you please do me a favor, this thread is growing at overwhelming rate and unfortunately I do not have enough time + a lot of post lately are related to CPF so … if someone could warn me over PM when it comes time for final payment or when its time to give feedback on shipping metod or so, I wouldn’t want to miss my $111 chance :).

Many thanks

yes of course!

It ain’t made to be real useful JA. It is made for the W O W factor I imagine. :slight_smile:
And…. W o w it does, to me anyway. That skinny pencil type of a lazer beam just looks great to me!! . :open_mouth:

This thing is meant only for throw & throw it certaily appears to do. :smiley:

Check out there website though…. they have a couple of others that throw a looooong way, but would be more useful.
One is a zoom made of the Jaxman Z1 host. That one looks pretty darn nice. :+1:

I am with you…… if I had some extra money to burn I would have one of these also!! I’d shine it on people in the next zip code…… :smiley:

That little thin beam just looks fantastic!!

Maybe one day………. :wink:

I appreciate that :beer:

I’d like to point out that for lighting up something approx 1-2km away, the 4.63Mcd from my flashlight does a decent job.
With 1-2Mcd the spot isn’t really bright enough to have enough usable light bounce back and make out objects clearly, especially if there are trees which absorb a ton of light.
When lighting up stuff that far, you don’t want spill at all, it’s just an annoyance that doesn’t help illuminate the object at 1-2km.
If anything it will increase the brightness around you by hitting particles in the air, creating a fuzzy curtain that makes it harder to see through and reducing night vision.
Finally, just like with sky beams, it’s not really about some object at the end of the beam, it’s about beam itself.
Having a column of light that reaches for kilometres is a ton of fun to play with, and impresses everyone around.
It’s about entertainment and “wow factor” not about daily use for productivity purpouses like an EDC might be.
Just like with supercars, there will always be people who have trouble understanding the point when their Prius can already get them from A to B.
At least on this forum there are several enthusiasts who do care about taking things to the extreme and pushing the limits of technology even if there isn’t a ‘need’ for something.
The GT is a good example of this.

what light do you have at 4.6 mill lux?
enlighten us please

The OptoFire of course!