[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Welcome to BLF
If you are asking for your first you receive a PM later for down payment of a GT for $111
(When next round of PMs go out for some asked for a second new entries are automatic on the $150 price list.)

Thanks! It would be my first for the $150 list.

PM send, you are in the $111 price group, being your first and we have not yet send out the next round of PMs

Am I too late to make the $111 price group?

I see this.
“Theodore41 Terry White” in the alphabetical list.
I am Theodore41,who is the other? :zipper_mouth_face:

Thank you
It is error.
edited list
PM The Miller embassy.

Will someone with the GT try the enderman focus?

Pretty interested to know how well the stock light is focused.

The GT got mentioned in Advanced Knife Bro’s review of the Lance of Ra. Lance of Ra Flashlight Review. 2.5 million candela- longest beam distance ever? - YouTube

” probably the longest throwing flashlight ever made”

lol he has no idea of what currently exists on this forum and on other flashlight forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks the Miller.

I believe he means production lights, Enderman. I don’t think you can actually buy anything I would consider a flashlight that has more throw than the lance of ra.

Thanks peple for providing missing info, lts of PMs rolling in with phonnumbers and such.
The excel sheet must come along very nicely now!
I hope neal has it ready soon so we can move to the third PM round (will be some people on the list for their second). When this PM round is send out, all people not received it will know the price is $150, also new entries at that time.


heheh Enderman, The Driver and other mega thrower builders are surely not impressed by the numbers of even an Eye of Ra like LED flashlight :slight_smile:

Sure he knows, he’s a member of this forum, hence the GT mention.

It’ll be ONE of the longest throwing LED lights ever made.

I love his reviews, I watch every one of them

The big difference is reflector vs aspheric.

Giggles will be the furthest throwing LED production reflector light that I am aware of.

With a different LED you should be able to improve the throw even more.

yeah, if somebody could squeak out 2 mill lux, with about 1500 lumens, it would be pretty sweet

I highly doubt that a 2mcd build would have 1500 lumens. It would be using something like a flat black which maxes out around 900 lumens IIRC.

Which is why we went with the xhp35. Less throw on paper but still more then you can really see with the naked eye and a lot more light and larger hot spot.

Well i keep well hidden my last xp-g2 s4 2b :stuck_out_tongue:

Well first of all, there are short arc production flashlights like the maxabeam which have much farther throw, so he should have specified LED.
Second, yes it is the farthest throwing production LED light, which is advertised on the STO website, so he should have specified “production” :wink:

And some might say he should not make jokes, yet he does and a lot are happy with that. It is a youtube review on a flashlight, not a lawyer writing a document :slight_smile:

His jokes add some interest to what could very easily be a very dry review.