[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Stainless steel I think is tough to coat. Usually it takes a copper layer in between and chrome/aluminium etc. op top of that, works for iron, but I doubt that copper will stick to SS.

Very interesting indeed. If true then that means you might be able to get a good focus with the adjustment that is available in the head threads as it sits now.

That is a really interesting idea.

That phrase is making me giggle. I should go get some sleep.

And maybe one of the girls too. That sounds like a fun project.

These guys seem to be the ones holding all the patents: http://photonicfire.com/. Over 200 patents. Looks like they got some hi-tech R&D goin on in Arizona, and I'd suspect sleez patent grab'n stuff too. The Stunlight product though sounds pretty cool, not if you are on the receiving end though.

These are probably the guys that took the design of MEM's and patented it, so he couldn't even legally use his own developed technology. I'm sure it's all legal, but I generally hate patents - once lawyers get involved, the party is over, no more fun. Imagine if the "reflector" was patented, using electronics to drive a LED was patented, the idea of battery powered hand flashlight was patented, on and on....

The website, of course, says "Copyright 2017", so it's current. I probably passed that 1900 building on Hempstead Tpke a 100 times. Played softball across the street, coached girls soccer games there too.

If a Chinese could copy a wavien collar,it could be possible to build a aspheric lens light, with many more Cds than the GT.As we know,they don’t sell the collar,and it is for this reason,that it is now stopped the production of DEFT-X etc.
I don’t think it would have copyright problems,as the number of these lights, would be not many anyway. :smiling_imp:

Don’t mind my generalisations, TK. I don’t know where we would be without you.

If at least they where making and selling wavien collars, I would care a bit more about their patent, but they are offering no way to buy their technology, and for me, that makes it OK to find someone willing to make a clone.

I just went ahead and asked about the 120mm lens. Even if we don’t get a wavien collar lookalike, 2m candela sounds awesome regardless. 4m with a collar sounds better.

And from there, the sky is the limit. Dedomed xp-g2? flat blacks? xp-e2? At which point should I just buy a laser?

EDIT: The very second I remove the reflector from the GT, I’m going to smudge it for sure, or scratch it. I plan to go to insane lengths to keep it clean and safe, including vacuum sealing the reflector inside a plastic bag with my sous vide vacuum sealer.

It would have the added benefit that you could use it as e self defense LEGALLY,while you did not do it with a laser. :smiley:

Question for those here that know more than me. Is there any possible benefit to combining a tipical reflector with an aspheric lens?

If I’m not wrong 2m is with a flat black? I would very much like to retain the lumen output of this light. 3M lux with about 1300 lumens with a collar and an aspheric? Anyway, it sounds like it really shouldn’t be too hard to get the collars made, to at least the quality of the GT reflector?

Gosh, is it time for the BLF Ultimate Thrower already?

The typical reflector collimates light inappropriate to use with an aspheric. The goal is to focus the light from the emitter onto the focal point of the aspheric, that’s what the collar would do, whereas a reflector has several area’s of collimation… hot spot, aura and spill… and this looks bad coming through the aspheric lens when used in conjunction.

I’ve looked into using a pre-focus aspheric and that works pretty well, not as efficient as a collar but…

Oh, I get how reflectors work, I didn’t mean simply adding an aspheric into the GT, but rather replacing the reflector with a collar and the glass lens with the mentioned 120mm aspheric if possible.

Then again, if we were able to get custom glasspieces, we could potentially have a focusing lens that is curved on the inside and flat on the outside for better scratch protection and aesthetics.

Hahaha can’t wait to see the mods on the GT :wink:

Got to process some PMs
From now on new entries, whether in the thread or PM are placed on the list for the $150 price.

Neal is updating the excel sheet so we should be able to tell how much people wanting a second from earlier we can send the PM for their second $111,- GT.
It is long enough for new people to come forward, it talked aboit here, on CPF and Reddit.
$150 is still a great deal IMHO.

No, not really, because then the light rays would not be entering through a flat surface, they would be entering through a curved one.
I suggest you take a plano-convex lens and flip it backwards and you will see why it doesn’t work properly for this application.

Also, there is no problem with patents if you want to buy spherical reflectors.
There are plenty of other places that spherical reflectors are used that are not just light recycling for LEDs.
Any optics company will be able to make spherical reflectors with a hole in them, the only problem is that it will cost several hundred or thousand dollars to get one custom made.
afaik there is no place with off-the-shelf options for a spherical reflector with a hole in it with similar dimensions to the wavien collars.

Yes, a standard aspheric flipped will not work, but a lens with an engineered curve like this one will.

I guess I won’t be paying hundreds for that much more throw, but i might play around with the spherical things posted earlier if someone takes the dip and finds out removing the reflector and inserting the 120mm aspheric improves throw.

kaybi asked if there would be any benefit of combining a typical reflector with an aspheric, my response was in reply to his question. :wink:

A smaller aspheric at the emitter can work as a prefocus for a larger aspheric at the bezel, virtually eliminating spill for the laser style tight beam profile. I bought a defective Canon lens and disassembled it to get the aspheric of high quality on the cheap, just for a build using an 8” aspheric… haven’t done that as I got injured and had surgery but it’s still in the queue so to speak.

Those are typically used as condenser lenses, aka the collimated light enters from the left and exits from the right.
If you use it in reverse not a lot of light will enter the lens due to the large incidence angle on the curved side.
For a long FL lens it might work, but something as short FL as the GT (90mm deep head) it will not work well at all.

Those are typically used as condenser lenses, aka the collimated light enters from the left and exits from the right.
If you use it in reverse not a lot of light will enter the lens due to the large incidence angle on the curved side.
For a long FL lens it might work, but something as short FL as the GT (90mm deep head) it will not work well at all.

I see! Learning something new every day. Just hoping the stock light impresses enough i dont want to mod it.

My current furthest thrower is a DD convoy C8 :smiley:

If the C8 is the best thrower you have, you’re in for a big surprise! :smiley:

A very big surprise :open_mouth:

A beam shot that is good for judging the real life distance you can actually see, using a proto :stuck_out_tongue:

And the distance, 700m

Got the exposure right then turned on the GT and took the image.

Cheers David