[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Me neither, because it seemed somewhat a bit overvalued and I can not forget the problems with the previous GB organized by the same factory HaikeLite MT03 & MT07 Group-buy Closed
Following what is happening in the MT09R, I am very happy that I did not pull trigger

The last 50 can use M4dM4X’s “BLF GT trackingnumber”:

form again? Or is it too early?

no reply from Neal…

I got my tracking number, best news of this week :smiley:

Finally my GT is on the way… :+1: I hope it will arrive in good condition, with cells included.

Just got my tracking number from Neal. My flashlight is in transit from Shenzhen.
Thanks Neal.

Not that I have received any tracking number for my GT, anyone sends their GT to Vinh to be modded into CFT90 beast?
I wonder how much it cost if send him our own GT? Vinh is selling USD675 for complete light though.
Vinh himself is still impressed with his own mod. That is one badass self endorsement that everyone believes and it is selling like hot cakes now.

Post 19,000!

(at the moment)

Post 19,000!
Hope that someone delete their post. :smiling_imp:

Where's that squirrel when you need him?

I’m still waiting for my second battery carrier that was missing from my order… Hope Neal will reply (I even offered to pay a bit more to solve this quickly). Sucks to have an incomplete GT, I want to play with it while the nights are still completely dark over here.

You can ask Neal for your tracking number.

If you want to use it without the 2nd battery carrier, you could probably make a dummy carrier with cardboard cut and rolled long enough to push the first carrier to make contact with the head. Positive and negative contacts are on the same side of the carrier.

Or you can ask for a short tube.
Perhaps a short tube and second carrier for compensation.

PM or email?

No email or PM but I just received a text message that a DHL package was picked in HK today. I do not think it could be anything but the GT so there is some hope.



I just sent him a mail
I hope he answers and that the answer is coherent
The last one I received when asked to verify the DHL AWB because the one I received was delivered in Dayton, OH - US (my address is in Uruguay) was unacceptable

If you send in your light the cost is $490 shipped (If you live in the USA).

Tracking number received - and it’s a Royal Mail number, so should be easily trackable once it’s in the system.

EDIT: Just appeared on Packageradar a minute ago

G.sintornillos that reply from Neal is almost as bad as the guy who’s customer service rep reply was something like: Dear all, could you mind to keep wrong flashlight?” That is a classic lol.

Sorry man it appears that it costs way to much money to send a flashlight to your country so we just sent it to a stranger in the United States. Cheers!!!

:person_facepalming: :person_facepalming:

You deserve some good luck finding its way to you, I really hope you get it!