[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Neal also gave me the track number dhl that was received in the US :person_facepalming:

Ah. Packageradar. A new one for me. Mine has just appeared too, and it’s also a Royal Mail number. It’s finally making its way here!

If you make the payment on December 2,2017. Why hasn’t it been sent?

Read post #1. The explanation is there.

If I filled out Neal’s survey a couple weeks ago, should I fill it out again? Just wondering if they’re two separate surveys.

Thanks for taking care of everyone, Team Giggles. :+1:

G sintornillos I think you need to leave Neal’s original message to you in your last post. It’s funny and deserves to be laughed. The situation isn’t funny, but his explanation to you sure as heck was.

Probably not a good idea to post people’s email addresses in a public forum. But I agree, it would be worth archiving the reply for posterity, just with personal information blurred out.

i have not received tracking information from the last batch - asking me will give you no answers ;)

also repeatedly sending the same mail for 3 weeks nearly every day “where is my gt?!“ does not ease neals work (and blocks my inbox as well)

Neals PayPal is still blocked, Lumintop want to get rid of the stock ...(https://m.de.aliexpress.com/item/32857004396.html?trace=storeDetail2msiteDetail&spm=a2g0x.12010611.0.0.58b91c17zMdI0r)

every alternative to Neal would cause a significant higher price :(

he is desperate to find a way for the remaining groupbuy participants to get their Light for the nice price.

Your patience saves you $$ ;)

So that was my last Neal’s Deal’s, nothing more with neal and lumintop for me….

I maybe lost the first payment but I found better to lost the first payment than receive a damaged flashlight :confounded:

I understand that.

Thankfully I got an email stating the tracking numbers for my lovely Giggles.

I deleted it because it can cause stir
The thread is too heavy and I do not want to leave it heavier yet

Later when the thing (and I also) calm down I will publish a report, maybe there will be a new thread, so that each one draw their own conclusion

I had to open an account in FB to find out about some I’ll also publish it there

PS. The email addresses that appeared were commercial

Selling through alixexpess, is this a joke?


Good, glad yours got shipped & is on it’s way to you. :+1:

They are very impressive. Almost shocking when first seen in person!!.. :wink:

A “giggle” is almost an auto response…. it was for me anyway. :smiley:

From Flashlight Fanatics


so if you pay full price you get it earlier than people for months on the list?

Why cant a company like Lumintop handle the payment?

Hopefully this message from M4DM4X will be a word to the WISE!

  • Patience is gonna save you money…
  • Lack of Patience is going to cost you more money….

THAT…. is pretty straight forward. :wink:

I received the head of GT about 3 weeks ago. Packaging was wet and almost completely destroyed. They had to repack it in my countries post office. Still waiting for the tube and batteries. I never reviewed any tracking number, but my order was still on its way. I don’t mind the waiting, but I don’t like the fact that the most expensive light I have ordered is in package without any protection (just a thin paper in front of the glass). Luckily the head looks like it’s fine. I have made at least hundred of orders from China and this had to be the first one with wet package and poor packaging.

I just think that it’s sad for the hole team (those who have but so much effort to hole project), that shipping for this great light cannot be handled properly.

If you ask me imho, I smell some BS in the mix! I’ve been contacted by Lumintop on FB, and this guy Leo said to give my email address and Shirley would contact me about purchasing the GT’s! I’ll report back when I get the email message!

Another thing, that to me, is more BS about this supposedly lawsuit with Neil and Levi was why the transactions from PayPal had been frozen? I mean come on, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with a PayPal account! Such garbage! :confounded:

Different color emitter?

afaik that Wholesale price ($165) is meant for shops and resellers usually...

i know Lumintop delivered to Sky Lumen (bussines client) and asked him to sell for 265...

this groubuy is way behind timeplan (for a lot reasons) and Luminto has to pay bills....

they agreed to wait with public sales until the GB has ended
now one could ask:

  • ended, as in closing the subscription list to get the nice price?
  • ended, as sent the original 555 (or the extended 1000? 1500?)

I can understand they need to sell whats on stock.
But i also see its frustrating to see other people get theirs first (at least you can smile knowing you paid much less)

All people who have paid should have their light on the way now.
the remaining people get the good price and it looks like the witing time between payment and shipping the light will be very short :)

as soon as Neal has his PayPal back the groubuy can make a big step to its finish line. :)