[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

You sure about that? lol

Hi Martín,regarding ” all people who have paid,should have their light on the way”……the tracking number of the GT sent on 7th of february it still shows “preregistered,pending of deposit” and nothing happens, is my light shipped? Why doesnt show any changes in all this time? Why in all these weeks i cannot receive a proper answer if the light have been really shiped or not? How many other weeks i need to wait? I have paid the light on 2th of december,i understand i deserve an explanation that never arrives and nobody is willing to give me

Neal wants me to pay another $ 45 for the shipment.
I do not know what to do.

How can you pay more if his paypal is locked and cant accept payments?

I hope so

Nothing is known about mine and for now Neal’s answers are unacceptable,
You received a copy of the last one that he sent

So, not all the people who have paid have their light on the way

PS. Before this, have you already paid for the shipment?

“This groubuy is way behind timeplan (for a lot reasons) and Luminto has to pay bills….”“”

Do you think the “lot of reasons” are we ,the members of BLF who made the payment more then 4 months ago (in my case) and have no clue when/if i am ever going to get the light ; the same thing like cells bought through m4dm4x site on 17th of december and payed shipping separately so I would have them before the GT arrives and at this moment i Haven gotten nothing? Please,name the lots of reasons as I don’t mind at all……

Texas_Ace said that the people who already paid in the first 2 groups where going to have their shipping charges covered (even those people in remote locations). I think you can pay an extra shipping fee for a faster delivery if you want.

You are in Tel-Aviv and are listed for registered mail. It’s possible the $45 shipping fee is to switch to DHL (or equivalent fast shipper in your region). So this should be an option, not mandatory.

With quite a few damaged parcels lately, i think buyer have to bear the extra cost of shipping via DHL or bear the risk of damaged parcel via unknown shipper. It’s fair to everyone. It’s DHL setting the price and earn the shipping money, not Neal nor Lumintop.
Another option is request refund now and forget about it.

Mine was 25$ extra for TNT shipping.

I read rumor of upcoming BLF project, 2 million cd, smaller than GT. Anyone confirm?

This is only GT Group Buy thread with more then 19k posts,dont really need other issues to fill up more this thread,hope you don’t mind

Hmmmm….??? Where did you read about it?

I would like to see a lantern type thrower project with a bigger reflector…

Something like this…

That would be neat…. :+1:

hmm, i sent an email to Neal, no reply, still no tracking code

At the moment, it was post #19,000.

I am sure about that.

I think you can already get that type of light. It would probably use a tiny little 400 lumen led, I can’t remember the name, and create an extremely focused little hot spot. Or you could build an aspheric thrower. The Lance of Ra is 2.6mcd. Again, tiny little focused hot spot so these are not like a practical everyday use type of light. They are quite specialized.

The GT already falls into a small market segment with its super long distance. A 2mcd light would be in an even smaller market segment. I know I am not interested in such a light.

But no, I gave not heard of such a blf project.

Btw, here is a list of the longest throwing flashlights.

Maxabeam, 52mcd, wow.

Is there by any chance a group buy happening anytime soon again?

No, just retail sales. I’m sure there will be some discount codes, so not full retail prices.