[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

Wonder who was my squirrel? Just kidding. :sunglasses:
Why people delete post?

Thanks. Many are sending him their lights. I think it is worthy, the led alone is USD125.
5000+lumens at 1.6+Mcd is crazy.

Yes, I remember what TA said.
Perhaps, Nial has his own opinion about this.
From the short message of Neal I can not understand this:

“ship to Israel is expensive, can u pay the difference of shipping. $45

I’m in the first group.
All payments were made on time.
I bought another 8 batteries for the flashlight.
I bought a bag and a lantern cover from Neal.
Now Neal wants another $ 45.
I feel trapped.

I have no idea(((

TA should be back on the forum later today. Let’s see what he has to say.

I hope he can help me.
By the way, I choose a registered shipping with no batteries.
I start as a buyer in internet in 2005.
PayPal - eBay
US shops
Japan shops
Europa shops
Never nobody do not ask me about extra for shipping.

That’s why such a request made me confused.
I have vague suspicions that the sender simply does not know where Israel is.)))

I paid extra for the shipment to make things easier but, according to the latest official data, it was delivered to someone more than two months ago in Dayton, OH - USA because “it seems they change to send to US because the expensive shipping fees to Uruguay”

PS. TA was informed at the time, more than two weeks ago, but still has not gotten anything from Neal

I remember someone received extra GT and highlighted here in this thread. Could it be yours? Or Neal has given you a wrong tracking number.

This is getting ridiculous, g_sintornillos paid extra for shipping and they still told him that it was expensive to send it to Uruguay?! What the hell, just get your money and forget it dude.

I asked Neal if my light is sent already. If i do not get reply today i will open PayPal dispute.

They had my money for almost 4 months not including the first deposit ( 8 months or so on that one) and i still haven’t received anything, not even single message after few sent emails to Neal.

Did all of last 50 get their tracking number?

I got nothing…

I do not know, Neal’s only response was: “it seems they change to send to US because the expensive shipping fees to Uruguay”

Sorry everyone, I stopped getting updates about this thread for some reason and was so busy yesterday I forgot to check in manually.

Wow it blew up. I am heading out the door now, I will try to get on a bit later. If someone wants to give me a cliff notes version of the last 6 pages that would be great.

I am giving Neal this week to get things in Gear. If he doesn’t start doing what he signed on to do, then we will be forced to look for alternative options.

Fixing this problem is what yesterday was spent on for me. All I can say is I am so glad all we have to worry about is a delay and not actual issues with the lights. Man that GB looks to be a nightmare. On the plus side my time seems to have paid off…

Same here. :cry:

No tracking info as of yet.
Not even a confirmation that it was shipped out. At least give us a list of lights that WERE shipped during the last shipment.

I have doubts it’s only 50 orders that haven’t shipped. Seems like quite a few of us haven’t received any tracking info.
I dread to hear news that some lights have to be pushed back for whatever reason again.

I’ve been silent on the GB shipping delays till now, but it’s gotten to a point that’s quite worrying.

I don’t receive tracking number too.
I almost email Neal today, but since he didn’t reply many emails, what’s the point to get dissapointed again if he doesn’t reply.
So I choose to wait. I believe we are almost at the end of tunnel.

How the heck is lumintop desperate to get rid of stock when they can’t produce enough reflectors as it is. Neal has had PayPal frozen for a very short time so I cant see them having more than 50 or so. TA I don’t envy you dealing with this. Perhaps Lumintop could finish the rest of the group buy sans Neal. He obviously has too much on his plate. They look to be selling them from factory for 165us plus shipping and the next round of group buy were to pay shipping costs anyway. Maybe I’m reading it wrong but if waiting on Neal takes months and they are only saying 10 bucks, I know what I would do. I already have my GT so I’m out not effected but this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

TA if you are going to skip the 6 pages, at least read what mad max posted about Neal and Lumintop. Good Luck, and I pray this hassle doesn’t keep you from working on a blf project again, your expertise is highly appreciated and very much needed. Cheers

I believe most of us here can wait patiently like adults if some form of information is provided to us.

Instead of saying: Last 50 have shipped out
Say instead: Users whose lights have shipped out are: 1…. 2…. and so on.

This may take some extra time, but I think it’s part of proper communication with the GB members.

Don’t get me wrong: TA, Jason and the rest of the team are doing a fantastic job with this GB.
Lumintop and Neal on the other hand….not helping the communication to the GB members much.

G sintornillos thank you for reposting that! That, my friend, is one of the craziest explanations ever. You paid Neal extra money for shipping already and when you received tracking information for your order it went to USA instead of Uruguay. His explanation is a classic
“it seems they change to send to US because the expensive shipping fees to Uruguay”

Sorry about your situation but that explanation is pure insanity

Not to distract from the current thread re: shipping issues but, I am completely lost when it comes to the actual process of:

:Being on the list on page 1
:Almost at the very bottom of tsaid list
:HOW will I receive notification that I am to [pay] for my GT
:If known, approximate time to such payment notification

Sorry if this has been explained clearly somewhere but after reading through 98.7% (I totally made up the percentage but it is up there) of this thread, I have no clear indication that I understand the actual process.

I am patient and not worried about waiting months… not desperate for it but just don’t want to miss a step through lack of knowledge or following proper procedures.

Thanks everyone working hard to clear up the queue!


Is the BLF GT going to be for sale again? How would I go about purchasing one?

Mind linking to the post you are referring to?

I honestly do not know what is going on. I have been trying to get a response from Neal for the last several days.