Part 2 - looking for good drivers for beginner mods

This is part two of my beginner modding experiments. In part one I started my search for budget friendly single cell hosts, primarily from Convoy.

Here I would like to get some recommendations for popular drivers for single cell, single LED lights - mainly for 3V LEDs like XPL, XPL Hi, and some others. From the budget ones I consider the BLF A6 driver for high power and good mode spacing. I dont like those Simons biscotti drivers due to no level between 35 and 100% output, nor any of his 4 mode drivers for SST40.

Beside budget versions I am also very interested in advanced drivers that would combine powerful turbo output with ultra-regulated lower modes for maximum constant runtime. Here I expect also proper LVP shutoff and plenty of output levels to choose from and possibly temperature protection.

Which models do you like and recommend?

I have been buying some drivers from Lexel, with Bistro OTSM HD, to mod tailclicky flashlights.
Those are not necessarily “budget” as the biscotti drivers but they are very good!

Besides that, they have the possibility to configure the modes you want to use, according to this: [UPDATE:v1.7.1,Q8&1chanOTSM]bistro-HD, bistro your way. OTSM, eswitch(devel), Vcc reads, safe_presses, turbo timeout...

I am currently using it on my Tool AA V2.0 (a 15mm one) but he has them in bigger diameter.

You can also look to the MTN Electronics drivers, but some of them are more expensive and some are also out of stock!

Thanks, I will check what Lexel has to offer. I also saw some advanced drivers “Dr.Jones” at MTN and some other ones at L4P, guess gotta ask the sellers about which one will fit my needs the best.

Lexel send out his stuff fast , can’t fault him