[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!

I don’t think it will be ready that soon sadly (I am getting a prototype this week), although there will be an add-on to this next batch that I think some people will be excited about.

The add-on price will be $10 if purchased with the GT.

So, who can guess what it is?

Put me on the list for one of these please! Bgondee 1061 5k Best 70.2 bin they can get! Also I would love to be able to buy just the reflectors if they will sell them separately. :slight_smile: Add On…a nice strap to hold it? Heat pipe installed for cooling? IR lens? Rubber bumpers for the bezel and tailpiece? That’s all I got…

2.Desert sand color

Is there prize for guessing it right?

Ooooh!!! FDE would be awesome!

GT has no fear of heat. Heat just sinks away. I actually disable its thermal regulation.

The superpower version with the big head gets 4.5Mcd, I think someone on CPF measured it.

And yeah, it’s not good to shine powerful flashlights at populated areas :stuck_out_tongue:

And my dad doesn’t know GT can do 1Mcd compare to my other 100kcd to 400kcd lights those he already worried about.
Last weekend, I pointed GT at a stray dog that walked by my house, and it kept running and running. I thought it must be thinking I was chasing him, but I was not.

No official price, I have not even gotten the official ok to announce it yet but I assume it is ok since they have finished making them.

I will check in the morning to see if anyone guessed right.

Short tube!!! :laughing:


it huge so I’m thinking
they may offer

directional blinkers and a horn ?

( so you can carry it in the road without getting a ticket ) :slight_smile:


Just saw on Facebook that Neal his PP account is unlocked, so that is some good news. :sunglasses:
But he had to pay $2500,- to Levi for it :person_facepalming:

handle , strap or diffuser

if you can tell us now my GT will ship soon i hope if it good i can catch it.

Wow…… :person_facepalming:

Black chrome bezel or a red lens cover.

Personalisation in the form of extra engraving?

I think a shoulder strap is needed the most, but it should be a simple one for about $5.

If they are going to offer a shoulder strap for $10, it would need to be a pretty good one.

My other guess would be Neal’s bag and head cover that is currently available seperately. It is selling for about $15 iirc. So maybe Lumintop is cutting the price to $10?

Add on = Lens cap. :slight_smile:


I want one
I’m willing to endure another torture session

the strap from my bag, if you think it is good
I will get them for the GT

Maybe a tripod