[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!

so i guess they simply wait public develops a new light and buy it instead of spending thousands buck in developing new light :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, something like that. This is pretty common in all sorts of research to use the best you can find and then test it before building your own.

I got my first one with batteries inside shipped to the Philippines.

After using my GT for two weeks, I think I would say its neutral 4000k tint is kind of “boring” in a good way.
It doesn’t have much light saber effect and very comfortable to use in dusty night. It makes my SST40 SR95S UT beam look harsh when use them side by side.

And when it shines on very distant object that is not completely dark, due to its tint is so neutral that blend well and not harsh, it is quite difficult to judge via eyesight whether its light actually reaches the distant object. I think that is why people think CW is better because CW will make the distant object looks illuminated easily due to its harshness.

Why I say it is “boring”, because it is a bit too comfortable or natural and less intimidating than CW light. I am thinking if I ever mod it with XHP70.2, I will put a 3000k led in it, hope that it will be more intimidating in comfortable way. I can’t see clearly beyond 500m anyway.

Is that a straight LED swap?

3000k XHP70.2 GT looks really good, a lot like a halogen searchlight but with a much nicer beam. It is not a whitewall queen but looks really nice outside and it really does seem to be visible further away.

The xhp70.2 requires a new MCPCB. Right now the only way to get them is to mod an existing mcpcb but I am trying to get lumintop to make them to sell. They made some prototypes but are still dodging my questions when I ask if they will sell them. I think they are worried about demand.

The stock driver can also be used with a resistor mod or I have a new driver I am prototyping that will allow max power with the xhp70.2.

If its a straight mcpcb swap I might do it myself. But if I have to add anything to the existing one I might pass on that

It is possible they might offer the mcpcb with LED already installed. Although I first have to convince them to sell them at all lol

Hope that Lumintop decide soon and i can order the mcpcb together in next batch of GT.

That Lemax LX70 sure looks like a monster light. It has proper handle. :+1: I wonder who has measured its candela number?

Actually I surprised my family by bringing out my Olight SR95S UT and ask them whether they think my flashlight is huge. They all say that is a uncommon big size flashlight. And I walked into my bedroom and bring out BLF GT and asked “Then what about this one?” They all laughed except my father frowned. He always asked me to be careful with flashlight not to shine into people’s houses. :sunglasses:

I don’t think it will be ready that soon sadly (I am getting a prototype this week), although there will be an add-on to this next batch that I think some people will be excited about.

The add-on price will be $10 if purchased with the GT.

So, who can guess what it is?

Put me on the list for one of these please! Bgondee 1061 5k Best 70.2 bin they can get! Also I would love to be able to buy just the reflectors if they will sell them separately. :slight_smile: Add On…a nice strap to hold it? Heat pipe installed for cooling? IR lens? Rubber bumpers for the bezel and tailpiece? That’s all I got…

2.Desert sand color

Is there prize for guessing it right?

Ooooh!!! FDE would be awesome!

GT has no fear of heat. Heat just sinks away. I actually disable its thermal regulation.

The superpower version with the big head gets 4.5Mcd, I think someone on CPF measured it.

And yeah, it’s not good to shine powerful flashlights at populated areas :stuck_out_tongue:

And my dad doesn’t know GT can do 1Mcd compare to my other 100kcd to 400kcd lights those he already worried about.
Last weekend, I pointed GT at a stray dog that walked by my house, and it kept running and running. I thought it must be thinking I was chasing him, but I was not.

No official price, I have not even gotten the official ok to announce it yet but I assume it is ok since they have finished making them.

I will check in the morning to see if anyone guessed right.

Short tube!!! :laughing: