[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!


it huge so I’m thinking
they may offer

directional blinkers and a horn ?

( so you can carry it in the road without getting a ticket ) :slight_smile:


Just saw on Facebook that Neal his PP account is unlocked, so that is some good news. :sunglasses:
But he had to pay $2500,- to Levi for it :person_facepalming:

handle , strap or diffuser

if you can tell us now my GT will ship soon i hope if it good i can catch it.

Wow…… :person_facepalming:

Black chrome bezel or a red lens cover.

Personalisation in the form of extra engraving?

I think a shoulder strap is needed the most, but it should be a simple one for about $5.

If they are going to offer a shoulder strap for $10, it would need to be a pretty good one.

My other guess would be Neal’s bag and head cover that is currently available seperately. It is selling for about $15 iirc. So maybe Lumintop is cutting the price to $10?

Add on = Lens cap. :slight_smile:


I want one
I’m willing to endure another torture session

the strap from my bag, if you think it is good
I will get them for the GT

Maybe a tripod


Or a mini drone quadcopter with solar panel (facing downward) and motion tracking to follow the beam of the BLF GT…no need for remote control, just ramp down the beamlight straight above you to land the mini drone in your hand.

It’s prob the shorter handle that other’s have mentioned. But in the interest of mixing it up I’m going to guess an XPH 70.2 or Oslon Flat Black options :wink: That would be really cool. Either one, but I would think the OFB would be tricky to get tuned in a production light. But even the XPH 70.2 w/o max current would make a sweet light and no driver change.

Hmm, maybe a bag that wont incur the biblical wrath of Levi?

Buy a GT. Get a 2nd for $10?

Ok, I will just say that someone did indeed guess the correct answer and someone else got really close to something that might happen in the future.

I am going to wait till I have pictures to show off before announcing the former.

Yes, his paypal is fixed now and it was a very sucky situation for Neal. There is more then meets the eye and it was not Neals fault at all it turns out.

It is good now though so that will help things this time around. Just waiting for the mass PM script to be ready.

I think a separate strap would be a good option as well. I keep my lights on a shelf with no bag but the GT does need a strap for extended use.

I mean the separate strap, just ask if the strag in my bag good enough
I can get the separate strap

hey, good news for me, the BLF GT is ready to deliver to me on 5th
finally after half year waiting