[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!

I bet that is the last time he allows a “friend” to use his account. With friends like that, you don’t need any enemies.

My GT is on way
A few minutes ago is was scanned in Japan
Scheduled delivery: Fri 06/04/2018 by 18:00

What about my batteries?
Are they looking for an alternative way to send them?

Hopefully the friend was the one who paid the $2500.

It’s a shorty tube.

Arrived today! Glorious!

Sadly he did not pay for all of it, Neal is out of pocket a fair amount himself.

And the winner is….

Short tube?

That doesn’t make much sense, to me at least. Maybe they are offering it due to the Astrolux light being short tube as well? Maybe Lumintop wants to Strike Back at them? Flashlight Wars! Lol

I think he knew when he posted that. :wink:

Better than a strap or bag, which one can buy anywhere.

Now I need a pistol grip with trigger switch :slight_smile:

Yeah, I didn’t say I was going to get one but I know some people have been begging for it, so now they have it.

I still say it is just as silly now as when it was first suggested lol.

What a fat tube. Now GT becomes a fatty flashlight, might be the fattest flashlight in the world now. TA, How many world record GT wants to break? :smiley:
And people can put two GT in one bag. Should be useful for some people. I think I will still get one just in case I need it.

I would love to get my hands on one of these.

Yeah… I am gonna get one, “just because” ……. :smiley:

yeah what he said.

For $10, should be simple stuff. That’s my guess based on.

I want one .
Link to purchase?

I want one too, hope they don’t price gouge us…

The DHL agency just called me
And she i have to fill custom paper by myself because LMT didnt fill clearly enough
:cry: , what the heck

I think the price is fair, $10 if purchased with a GT, $15 if purchased separately.