[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!

In Israel I had never a problems with batteries.
All parcels comes it time without problems.

Strange, I would figure Israel to be the exact opposite. Although I have shipped several things to Israel over the years and come to think of it none of them ever had problems.

I have ordered, I think, all common types of batteries. Most of them lithium.
All type of lithium - 18650, 18350, 26650, batteries for my quadcopters,
for cell phones and other multimedia gadgets.
Even for electronic cigarettes - 700 batteries per one order - taxes and nothing more.

Never any problems.

If all the documents are correct from sender, and the sender location isn’t on a watch list there shouldn’t be any trouble shipping to Israel. I had a friend working an archeological dig in the Negev desert (my spelling is likely wrong) for 18 months a few years ago. We had no problem sending parcels to him, including a pair of C8s batteries installed. Cheers!

Well, I got my tracking number. It’s in Chicago right now, so it’s on its way.

Thanks T_A, Team Giggles, and Neal.

I am #965 on the list n i paid for my GT last Dec i still dont know when i will get my flashlight

Please contact Neal to find out what is going on. There were some orders that feel through the cracks in that super, ultra, hectic time.

To keep this thread from dieing :wink: here a question that may also also interest others…

TA, did you do some beamshots with your BLF GT having the XHP70 installed?

I would really like to see this in comparison to the stock setup…



all that was written on the ordering page and therefore accepted by the people who bought a GT

a lot of the cases could have been handled very different by lumintop and the team

saving them a lot money and time

.. just saying ;)

but we should add “we have the right to refund your money and cancel your order at any time if problems occur during the shipping process caused by unforseen circumstances“

I had actually posted some a few months ago. Although I never got a beamshot with the dedomed emitter come to think of it.

Here is the xhp70.2 with dome on:

XHP35 prototype CW in the same location (I can’t seem to find my production beamshots right now):

XHP70.2 GT vs a 1000m thrower, the G36 IIRC:

119 patient days later my light is here. DHL delivered today. Based on everyone’s feedback I was expecting a monster light and it was even larger than expected. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

Ya, it is huge. My family is surprised that I can get flashlight that is bigger than my other big flashlights.

You should hear what my family says about mine…

Yours are custom right? GT is stock. GT might be among the world’s biggest stock flashlight at this moment. :smiley:

Not brightest but longest throwing LED reflector light I am aware of.

Ya. Is that why NASA ordering more?
I wonder NASA try to custom GT, can they share some pictures? :sunglasses:

Yeah, maybe more appropriately called a searchlight.

There are HID spotlights larger than the GT and my light though, idk if you would call those a flashlight.
For example the lemax LX70 or those big HID searchlights sold in stores which don’t get anywhere near the millions of candlepower they advertise.

Yes, they wanted to try the best commercial product out to see what it can do. This is pretty common as it costs a whole lot less to research with an existing product even if it is not exactly what you need then it does to start from scratch.

Not sure they will send pictures but I can ask.

I do know that they really want the warmest tint they can get. 3000k is the coolest they want and keep asking if I can get anything warmer. For real world throw warmer tints are simply better.