[PART 2] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Closed, but Public sales open!

Sorry for how long it took a lot of these orders. Luckily lumintop has learned the lesson and will now be waiting until they have the lights ready to take payment so this doesn’t happen again.

lol, no problem. I generally have to just skim posts myself if this thread had more then a page or 2. Just no time for more then that.

Hmm, a soda fountain in the kitchen….

Yes, he has been very good throw this process along with many many others. Everyone has been very understanding as a whole. Particularly those that were the last to ship.

The full box should weigh something like 7-8lb IIRC.

Thanks a lot, just spent the last 6+ hours assembling drivers for the MT09R GB and still only about 1/4 of the way through. Having to take a break for my eyes and back now.

TA, what is the situation with Neal’s PayPal account?
I assume it is back open or will payments be to someone else?
Lumintop maybe?

His account is still limited, he is understandably worried about putting a lot more money in it in this condition so the payments will be going to Lumintops paypal account this time around.

The lawyers are taking their time sorting out the issue with his account apparently.

I think something is missing from my package


Yes, the light with 8 batteries should be 5lbs, then add the cardboard boxes and foam. I hope they didn’t leave out the batteries.

Hmm, that does seem a little light.

EDIT, just talked to Neal. It seems that they can not ship cells to your country and had to remove them at the shipping terminal / forwarder / place that handles getting the shipments out of china. Neal should be contacting you shortly about this.

I hope it is a mistake in sending the data

It seems that the package has not yet reached FedEx

Adding batteries in this GB did worry me in the begining seeing many online stores don’t ship batteries worldwide anymore like 5 years ago.
Sure it complicate the situations more. Should we separate this batteries offer outside this GB for next batches?

A lot of countries that don’t allow seperate battery shipments DO allow it if the batteries are shipped inside the flashlight. That was the point of combining the two things.

I’m guessing there are still a few countries that doesn’t allow it even if it’s inside a flashlight.

Most areas are ok for the batteries inside the GT but some are not. Lumintop is apparently still ok with including the cells for most orders but I expect some to get a refund for the cells if they can not be shipped. I will try to get a list of the countries that can’t have cells shipped as well.

I received a PM from Neal
He will ask if any other ways can ship the cells

I hope he find an alternative way
If not, I have to resort to inventiveness

This Wednesday I received by DHL a DT70 with batteries inside
They were declared in the attached documentation

I edited my post to remove Uruguay. :+1:

My country allows shipments of separate batteries or batteries inside something
I have to make the customs declarations to be able to enter anything
I declare them simply as batteries

Ya, I agree it is good to be able to order batteries too. It is tough for some members to get batteries nowadays. But all the pictures I have seen show that the head is separated from battery tube. The batteries are not really inside the flashlight, but loosely put inside battery tube. If Lumintop has different packaging that is longer so that batteries are really inside flashlight, I believe the cost of shipping will increase beside the weight should increase about 0.4kg for 8 batteries.

Anyway, just my opinion. Lumintop should be able to solve it case by case if they are willing to offer this battery options.

The batteries have stickers covering one end so no electricity can flow, then they are loaded in the carriers and then the carriers are put in the battery tube.

I was wondering if this was acceptable by international shippers way back when we first saw the DHL boxes. Appearantly it is.

My suggestion way back then was to make some cheap plastic end caps that covered the open end of the battery tube. Have it either thread on or maybe have a rubber friction fit.