***PAY HERE Eagle Eye X6 Heatsinks (Triple & Quads)(CLOSED)

Payment sent for 2 sets of Cu triple spacer, optics and FET driver.

PP sent for two tripple Cu kits
10x Nitro

Btw, you offer drivers too?? Pls say if you do, cause i will need 1


i just offered it to 1 member, but if u need one just let me no what with a link and ill buy it and add to your order ?

EDIT:I will order any drivers u guys want only for the international buyers to help with shipping

Lol Nitro you might as well just open your own store like RMM!

i could not handle it lol, i do Group Buys when i like the idea/item and i need the heatsinks as well so why not try to help everyone ?

Paypal sent for COPPER TRIPLE (KIT) :beer:

Payment sent for one copper triple kit.

PayPal Transaction ID: 06701909V6212311H

got it...but few for got your forum name on the paypal note section so please post that........but its good that u guys post that u paid on this thread as well

Few members just paid so post #2 is updated

Dale, does the x6 doing 4040 lumens have an aluminium or copper spacer?

Will, it’s got neither. I stacked 6 copper stars under the 32mm Noctigon and reflowed it all together on the stove, in the light. That was partly my inspiration to draw up and make the full contact sink. I figured it could only help to fill the entire head, essentially extending the original light upwards to meet the 32mm mcpcb as demanded by the 35mm optics.

PayPal Payment just sent for One copper Triple Kit plus One aluminum Triple Kit.

PayPal Transaction ID: 0B952647Y2558500B

Thanks for your efforts (and DBCstm)!!

Payment sent for one copper triple + postage to Aus.

Thanks again for organising this!

your welcome guys 2 post updated

PayPal sent for one copper triple and one aluminum triple. Already have boards and optics.

Got it Scott,2nd post updated

Just paid for 1 copper triple kit. I just noticed that the kits were really meant for non-US members. I'm actually in the US, so if you need to change my order to just the heatsink, please let me know. Thanks.

im going to be counting all the orders tomorrow to see what i have left, but im sure i can order more lenses and boards

Just sent you payment for: 1 aluminum quad heat sink, and 1 aluminum triple kit (heat sink, XP32, optic), total: $33.25. Hope the kit order is ok. Let me know if any problems.

Triple Kits- I also did not realize the kits were for non-US members -sorry.

I would also be happy to change my order from kits to just triple heat sinks if that helps.

Nitro - just let me know what works best for you.